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Re: Re: Re: Good Garden Plants

from Gary Newell

Thats right, i dont cut mine back to ground level because i want to keep a frame work there for the spring / summer growth, but i do pollard it to around 3ft high with 3 outward facing branches left to support next seasons growth. This then encourages bigger foliage and prevents the plant from ever growing to large, mine max's out to 8ft a year.

  • Posted: Wed. 6th July 2011 08:54

Re: Good Garden Plants

from Gary Newell

I will start us off with what i believe to be a great garden plant, that is the Catalpa purpurea. i just cut it back every autumn and year after year it gives my garden real impact, with its dark, bold, heart shaped foliage....oh and it flowers too! superb.

  • Posted: Wed. 9th March 2011 13:23

Good Garden Plants

from Gary Newell

So i have been working with plants for nearly 10 years now and im constantly getting messages back from customers about those plants that they value the most the types of plant that just keep giving and giving. With the winters we are getting now it has become really important to gardeners to know what plants they can rely on, so if you have any great plants that dont let you down then please let me know.

  • Posted: Wed. 9th March 2011 13:19
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Re: Identification

from Gary Newell

I totally agree this is definatley a type of euphorbia. To be exact it is Euphorbia myrsinites also known as creeping spurge it is a succulent species native to southeastern europe. you are right it will develop bright yellow bracts in spring and can become invasive but i have never had a problem with it. hope that helps

  • Posted: Wed. 9th March 2011 12:50