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Members' garden interests.

from Donald Hart

The list of garden/ing interests is rather strange. Why no headings such as: climbers, perennials, shrubs, growing on clay/chalk, slopes/boggy ground etc and species of plants that draw enthusiasts, such as roses, grasses, rhododendrons and many others? I may be alone but I found it difficult to find boxes to tick, but have many gardening interests. The plant genus list is wonderfully helpful and will be even more so if members' plants not yet there are regularly added.
One further thing for we technophobes! PLEASE could you simply/amplify the instructions for planning garden layout. Utterly defeated by this section.

  • Posted: Thu. 26th May 2011 12:57
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Pruning of roses and clematis.

from Donald Hart

Both the above would be valuable. On an unrelatd issue , it would be good if members knew the areas other gardeners come from, not in any precise detail but to facilitate useful contacts between those who face similar climate conditions - as for example here in central Scotland. Perhaps in general Shoot might do more to encourage contact between members.

  • Posted: Thu. 26th May 2011 12:44

Re: Re: Pruning clematis montana

from Donald Hart

Hi Kathy

Many thanks for your advice. The main problem is that the fence is not really high enough to cope with their natural - not inconsiderable - growth. Hence shoots flailing around above with nothing to clasp onto. Perhaps, as you suggest, it is best to give them a fresh start by cutting right back and trying to find a little more patience than comes naturally! They are growing on a gravel bed so mulching difficult but given plenty of food and water.
Thanks again.

  • Posted: Mon. 23rd May 2011 22:29

Pruning clematis

from Donald Hart

Not just when to prune but the practicalities of actually doing it successfully - particularly the larger clematis varieties.

  • Posted: Mon. 23rd May 2011 17:47

Pruning clematis montana

from Donald Hart

The alarming prospect of facing this task will fast be upon me. HELP! I know when to prune but not how. What for example do I do with all those fresh non-flowering shoots striving for heaven, way above the fence? I have three plants and it seems impossible to untangle to reach dead wood etc. Any advice warmly appreciated - I don't want to lose a year of flowering but plants need reducing.

  • Posted: Fri. 20th May 2011 21:14
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Re: Pieris Japan Katsura

from Donald Hart

Probably rather late to comment now but mine always looks rather miserable until suddenly springing to life in middle to late May. The horse manure would have needed to be well rotted and the soil well on the acid side of neutral. normally Pieris pretty undemanding shrubs given the right soil.
Hope your's is now thriving.

  • Posted: Fri. 20th May 2011 21:08