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Re: Re: Photinia Red Robin ( Standard )

from Hans Schumann

Hello, not sure whether this is the cause of your problem, but I had my soil tested and was advised that my soil was almost organically dead due to use of Miracle Grow. Here is what my consultant wrote:

"Please do not use Miracle Grow any more, it is very high in nitrogen and potassium, and because your sample showed excesses of these nutrients, as well as phosphorous, you would compound these problems further; we need to bring these down. Also, excess nitrogen causes fast and improper growth which send out the wrong chemical signals, thus attracting pests; the growth would also be soft and will therefore allow diseases to take hold.

Miracle Grow is a salt based fertilizer, making it highly soluble and will leach out of the soil very quickly, as well as giving quick results. And, because of its salty nature, it can cause soils to tighten and this could be the reason why some parts of your garden are not draining as quickly as others. This product, also has a detrimental affect on soil microbiology, slowing killing all the beneficial microorganisms that get to work on breaking down organic matter applied to the soil; basically, the chemical salts, suck the moisture out of them. And, because your soil is likely to have poor microbiology, this would also account for the dusty nature of your soil; the microorganisms act like a glue, holding the various aggregates together."

Hope this is of interest.


  • Posted: Tue. 21st June 2011 15:29

Re: Re: Re: Re: Brown spots. Is my palm sick?

from Hans Schumann

Hi again

I have spoken to the nursery from which I bought the plant. They said it would recover quickly if I treat it correctly. Here is their care advice:

"Cordylines can be cut back quite hard to leave just a few vertical leaves. A pair old scissors is the best thing to use. Cut leaves at the base working your way up the trunk. Try and remove as many of the damaged ones as you can. Make sure the leaves are bagged and removed form the garden (don't have them hanging around as they could be a source of re infection. NB do this before you spray as the sprays will be more effective (better coverage). Make sure you have well fertilised soil so it has plenty of nutrients to get it going. Think about mixing the soil with a good compost.The sooner you do this the sooner recovery will start. This plant should respond well to mycorrhizal tablets.

I would suggest you spray once a week with Sythane or Dithane. Make sure you use plenty of product volume so that the whole plant is treated well (get it into the close leaf blades if possible)."

They offered a 50% discount if I gave the plant a chance, which I have accepted.

  • Posted: Tue. 14th June 2011 10:49

Re: Re: Re: Re: Soli Types

from Hans Schumann

Kathy and Carole

Thanks to both of you. Yes, your answers were very helpful!


  • Posted: Mon. 6th June 2011 11:00

Re: Re: Soli Types

from Hans Schumann

Hi Kathy

Thanks. I was asking because the care instructions on this website use all three terms. I therefore thought they intended to make a distinction.


  • Posted: Fri. 3rd June 2011 17:10

Soli Types

from Hans Schumann

Hello, can anybody tell me what the difference is between wet, moist and water-retentive soil?

  • Posted: Fri. 3rd June 2011 14:47
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Re: Re: Brown spots. Is my palm sick?

from Hans Schumann

Thanks so much to both of you for your advice. I could not find any snails, just one grey spider.

It's probably the rust then, a term which describes the spots very well. I have ordered both Dithane or Systhane fungus fighter. What worries me is the following advice I found on the internet and which basically says that I should remove all affected leaves:

"Apply a fungicide to prevent further infection on leaves that have not been infected; once a leaf spot appears, you cannot cure it. Prune away all diseased leaves before applying fungicide."

Almost all leaves are affected, so there would not be much left of the plant. Very frustrating, as I just bought this mature palm two months ago.

I checked the rest of my garden and found that my Trachycarpus fortunei shows the same spots. That's my second largest tree after the Corddylines.

Do I really have to cut back all affected leaves?

  • Posted: Wed. 1st June 2011 17:10

Brown spots. Is my palm sick?

from Hans Schumann

I have been worried about the brown tips of my Cordyline australis for a while. Now I have noticed brown spots on the lower parts of the leaves (see picture). Could this be a disease?

  • Posted: Tue. 31st May 2011 18:18
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Re: White powder on new shoots of Trachycarpus

from Hans Schumann

I have added a picture which shows the new shoots.

  • Posted: Tue. 31st May 2011 18:09

White powder on new shoots of Trachycarpus

from Hans Schumann

Hello, my Trachycarpus developed strong new shoots but they look like they are covered with a white powder. Is this normal?


  • Posted: Sat. 28th May 2011 20:18
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Bay Tree Disease/Bug problem

from Hans Schumann

Sure, that's fine. Just checked out the facebook profile. It shows some amazing gardens!

  • Posted: Wed. 25th May 2011 09:33