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Re: Re: No flowers on my Hellebores

from Julia Warnes

Hi again,
Just thought I'd say that they're still growing! They look like something out of the rain forest, they are enormous. Will they ever die back or just keep going and going? After all this growing I do hope I finally get some flowers next year...what do you think?
Thank you

  • Posted: Thu. 19th July 2012 11:15

Re: What is going on with this rose please?!!

from Julia Warnes

Thank you for confirming that the growth is normal. If they were a different colour I think I'd be really happy with them!
The red one is definitely not even dark crimson but a bright scarlet!! The supplier refunded the money but offered no explanation as to what had happened. I may give them to my neighbour, when would be the best time to move them?
Thanks so much for helping

  • Posted: Thu. 31st May 2012 14:37

What is going on with this rose please?!!

from Julia Warnes

Hi - I ordered 3 Rose Black Baccara for my garden as my colour scheme is white and black/purples. They have just bloomed for the first time and two are cerise pink and the other is crimson red!!! I know I need to go back to the supplier and complain but before I do I need a bit of advice. On two of the roses, the stems are two completely different colours and leaves. One is green with green leaves and the other stem on the same bush is burgundy/ maroon with maroon leaves. I have tried to show this in a couple of pictures. I'm sure this is a common occurrence but I don't know what it means. I am really annoyed with the supplier as these are not what I wanted at all and look bad in my scheme.
Any advice very much appreciated, thank you.

  • Posted: Thu. 31st May 2012 09:44
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No flowers on my Hellebores

from Julia Warnes

I bought some young Helleborus Double Ellen Picotee last year with the hope that they would flower this winter/spring. The plants are quite large and very vigorous and still growing really well but no sign of any flowers. They just seem to be getting bigger but just foliage.
Shall I just leave them and see what happens next year?
Thanks very much - Julia

  • Posted: Tue. 10th April 2012 13:15
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Re: Can I grow Akebia quinata from seed?

from Julia Warnes

Hi Kathy,
Thanks for the reply. The trench also runs along two fences so the total gorwing area will be about 15 long and 4 foot deep. I'll take on board what you say about them being fast growers and limit the number of plants I put. i just need to decide whether to grow them over winter and plant the seedlings in Spring or just plant the seeds out now and mulch them over winter and use a natural cold straification method.
Your help is much appreciated.

  • Posted: Tue. 4th October 2011 09:07

Can I grow Akebia quinata from seed?

from Julia Warnes

I have a fence that I wish to cover with Akebia quinata. The issue I have is that the trench in front that it will go in is only 6 inches wide. The good thing is that it is 4 foot deep and 6 foot long.
I have been looking for plants but all the ones I have seen are too wide to fit in the trench. As I can't find a number of small plants I thought about getting some seeds and growing my own. If you think this is doable, could I have some advice on growing them and when to plant them out?
Many thanks

  • Posted: Tue. 27th September 2011 11:20
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I have no idea what this is, it could be Jamaican....

from Julia Warnes

A neighbour gave me a cutting which I have grown and now planted outside although it looks a bit like a houseplant to me. I think she mentioned Jamaica at some point but I could be wrong. It seems quite happy and groeing well but have no idea what it is or whether it might flower. Thanks

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  • Posted: Fri. 19th August 2011 12:40
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Smallest moths in the world?

from Julia Warnes

Hi I seem to have three problems in one. I have two varieties of Aquillegia in one of my beds "william guiness" and black barlow. One of them seems to be flourishing but the other looks really ropey. As soon as any foliage arrives it just seems to die off and is covered in browny/grey patches. The same seems to be happening to the honeysuckle in the same bed. The lilac, fuschia and euonymous in the same bed are not affected.
There is also the tiniest insect hanging around there. They look like the tiniest,minutest white moths in the world, about the size of a pinhead. Could this be connected or are the plants just not happy? It's a sheltered position that gets the sun for most of the afternoon.
Thanks very much, sorry if it's an obvious query!

  • Posted: Tue. 9th August 2011 10:54
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Re: Help - who or what is destroying my beds?!!!

from Julia Warnes

Well husband is on the verge of trapping them so you never know!!!
I have ordered a lot more ground cover aswell as there is quite a lot of open soil. I just hadn't finished everything but it's catch twenty two, reluctant to plant more and see it being dug up!
Thanks again- fingers crossed. Hose is by back door on jet function, ready to soak them!!

  • Posted: Mon. 8th August 2011 11:05

Re: Help - who or what is destroying my beds?!!!

from Julia Warnes

Hi Gisela,
Pretty sure it's squirrels. They are there all day every day trying to get on the bird feeders. Plus, they managed to get into the storage cupboard that housed the bird food so no wonder they've been back every day!
Someone suggested holly on the beds which I like a lot. The repeller is having no effect whatsoever.
Once all the food sources have gone I am hoping that will be an end to it. I can't believe the little buggers are beating me!
Thanks for all your advice!

  • Posted: Mon. 8th August 2011 10:39