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Re: Lathyrus annual sweet pea seeds

from Ena Green

sweet peas are hardy annuals so will stand all winter in a cold frame where mine are at present. They were sown in October. If you have a frost-free greenhouse you could sow anytime from now or wait until March and sow direct into the ground where they are to grow. They do not like to be mollycoddled with too much heat and need plenty of light once germinated. Hope this helps

  • Posted: Sun. 1st January 2012 19:42

Re: Re: Can I trim this bush?

from Ena Green

I cut it right back several times in some summers - never killed one off yet, however if you leave it longer you will get yellow daisy like flowers in summer so its really up to you - also the bits you cut off root easily too if you want to increase your stock

  • Posted: Thu. 20th October 2011 11:28

Re: Can I trim this bush?

from Ena Green

This is senecio - an evergreen which you can trim but I would wait now til next spring in case we have a very cold winter again

  • Posted: Wed. 19th October 2011 17:00

Re: Re: Where are my plants?

from Ena Green

thank you for your reply Angie - and Nicola - I have kept a paper log of plants in my garden for a few years so have a lot of uploading to do but looking forward to having them on this site and as I am getting older having reminders through the seasons.

  • Posted: Mon. 25th July 2011 14:19

Where are my plants?

from Ena Green

I have just joined Shoot and am in the process of uploading my plants but so many of them are not available on the site. How can this be rectified - does anyone know? Other aspects of the site are very good - I am enjoying getting to grips with it and feel it will be very useful in the winter months when I cannot get out in the garden.

  • Posted: Sun. 24th July 2011 20:08
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