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Re: Re: Lenten rose

from tara mclaren

Thanks Angie sounds if we have similar soils so I will go for it.

  • Posted: Mon. 30th January 2012 23:06

Re: Wind Break

from tara mclaren

Hi Judy thanks for the advice. I hadn't thought about pine trees as I wouldn't trust myself with a chain saw and would worry about them getting too tall. However I will check out the web site you mentioned. I am thinking about Hornbeam or hawthorn. However my main concern is will it work when there is a four foot wall in front of it? I had read that wind needs to be able to go through things and not to be stopped or it will to up and then fall sharply creating a vortex affect. Will the wall scupper the wind break effect of the hedge? I will try to post a picture soon thanks for your help it is appreciated

  • Posted: Mon. 30th January 2012 22:58

Wind Break

from tara mclaren

For the last two years the taller perennials in my front garden have ended up flattened or with a permanent list to the side due to the unusually high winds. This is in my front garden which faces south with the wind from the west. The house is in a row of cottages at the top of a hill. I have a four foot stone wall on two sides. There is an empty floor bed directly in front of the wall then a small path and a larger floor bed. I was wondering how I could protect my plants from the wind. Should I plant a hedge beside the wall. I am planning to plant small box hedges around the outside of the beds but don't know if they would be too small to help. Or should I just give up and move my taller plants round to the back garden?

  • Posted: Sun. 29th January 2012 16:11
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Lenten rose

from tara mclaren

I would like to plant some Lenten roses hellebores however I have a clay soil fairly neutral in West Lothian Scotland so it gets quite cold in winter. The ground is well enough drained. On the site it says that they like chalky soil would they survive here?

  • Posted: Sat. 28th January 2012 21:01
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