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We want everyone who uses Shoot to make beautiful gardens and understand that sometimes you might need some extra help. That's why we've created this page with short, simple videos explaining how to use some of the Shoot features.

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Quick guide: How to get monthly care reminders for my plants (4 minutes)

How to add plants to your lists to get care reminders for your garden every month

Quick guide: Get started with Shoot for hobby gardeners (8 minutes)

How to identify/search/add plants, see the care information and a brief introduction to the garden planner.

Plant list

Quick guide: Start a plant list in Shoot (9 minutes)

How to add plants to your garden in Shoot individually or with our multiplant one click add, how to identify a plant and request a new plant to be added to the database.

Quick guide: Plant list options (7 minutes)

How to view your plant list as a list, mood board or in the main view. How to group plants by border or by flowering month. How to choose a preferred photo and change pot size/quantity. How to download plant lists.

Quick guide: Download a Shoot plant list (2 minutes)

How to download a Shoot plant list to an excel file. This is useful if you simply want a list of all the plants in a simple format to send on to someone.

Quick guide: Replace a plant image in Shoot (1 minute)

How to change the default image in Shoot and/or how to add a new image not yet in our library.

Quick guide: Use our 'multi-plant' add feature (6 minutes)

How to add multiple plants in a click from an existing plant list using our ShootMatchTM multi-plant add tool. Troubleshoot what happens if a plant doesn't match straight away.

Care calendar

Quick guide: Use the care calendar (3 minutes)

How to complete tasks and edit preferences in the care calendar and how to change the plant view and task view

Garden planner

Quick guide: Design your garden in Shoot (11 minutes)

How to design or recreate your garden using Shoot's award-winning garden design software.

Quick guide: Draw an L-shaped garden bed (3 minutes)

How to create an L-shaped garden outline in the Shoot garden planner.

Quick guide: Clear a garden plan completely (1 minute)

How to clear or delete your entire plan from a garden, but leave your plant shapes as they were.


Demonstration of Shoot for Home Gardeners (33 minutes)

Learn about Shoot for home gardeners. In this recorded webinar demonstration, we show how you get all the information and tools you need to get control of your garden.

Live Hobby Training Webinar Download

How to use the garden planner, identify existing plants in your garden, work out the ideal plants for your garden 'right plant right place', how to compile a plant list and care instructions