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Gardening for Beginners


Identify, learn about and track your plants. Get expert help and personalised monthly care advice direct to your inbox. Ask gardening questions to over 100,000 members.


Get expert advice and care information for you and your garden.

Learn about your new garden

We know you might feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start in your new garden. Don't worry we are here to help you!

Identify a plant

Use our helpful plant identification tool or ask our community to identify the plants in your garden.

Organise your garden

Keep a personalised library of all the plants in your garden. Save photos, plant and calendar notes.

Get expert support and help

Get gardening help and advice

We have a thriving community of over 100,00 members who are help troubleshoot problems and to give advice.

Monthly garden advice and reminders

Get personalised, care reminders for your garden plants. Easily accessible online or sent directly to your inbox each month.

Design or re-create your garden

Use our award-winning software

Design or re-create your garden using our award-winning software.

New planting tips

We'll help you work out which plants are most suited to your garden and suggest companion planting ideas.

Find professionals to help you

We also have a network of experienced and professional gardeners who can be on hand to help audit your garden (to work out what's where) or even to re-design it all from scratch.

  • Allotment gardener growing peppers and tomato
    I plotted out my allotment so I remember where everything is. And the monthly care reminds me what to do. Brilliant!
  • Allotment gardener growing lettuce
    With Shoot, all the relevant information and advice about my garden and allotment are at hand.
  • Experienced gardener enjoying his garden
    The monthly plant care instructions & monthly email reminders are just what I need to look after my garden!
  • Happy gardener cutting flowers from the garden
    The care calendar advises on the gardening I should be doing every month. Great site...I am proud to be a member.
  • Experienced gardener growing flower beds
    This site is brilliant. The monthly "chores list" is so helpful. Later I'm going to add my allotment. Can't wait!
  • Gardener in front of a greenhouse with a pot plant and watering can
    I love getting monthly reminders about what to do in my garden. Use it - it's great.
  • New to gardening gardener growing flowers
    I love Shoot especially as I can log all my flowers & you tell me how to treat em. Finding Shoot has made my week!

Shoot gives you personalised, pro-active advice tailored to you and your garden.

  • Identify plants
  • Organise your garden
  • Get gardening advice
  • Monthly garden reminders
  • Find professionals to help you
  • Join 100,000 gardeners



  • 1 garden
  • 5 plants
  • Garden planner trial


£3 per month

  • Two gardens, plant lists and notes
  • Personalised monthly email advice
  • Award-winning garden design software