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Professional Garden Management


Collaborate easily with clients, research plants, and provide expert garden care and advice. Are you ready to take your customer care to the next level?

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Shoot PRO is the world's leading garden management system that helps professional gardeners collaborate easily, research plants, and provide expert garden care and advice to clients.

Garden management
made easy

With Shoot it's easy to create and manage gardens for clients.

Client collaboration

From inception to build to maintenance, you can collaborate and communicate with your clients easily about their plants and gardens.

Your clients, your branding

Provide a fully branded experience for your clients no matter where they are or what device they are on.

Monthly garden advice and reminders

Send tailored garden care advice to your clients each month by branded email.

Thousands of plants
at your fingertips

Add plant lists easily

Upload tens, hundreds or thousands of plants to a garden list with the click of a mouse.

20,000 plant database

Get expert and accurate advice and care information on more than 20,000 plants.

Save time and money

Streamline your business by using Shoot to suggest plant lists to your clients and provide your clients with care advice for each plant.

Vectorworks Landmark compatible

Import plants lists directly to Vectorworks.

  • Helen Boem
    Shoot’s plant database is so comprehensive that it saves me a huge amount of time. I use Shoot when I am proposing a design, and as part of the closing package. Our customers really love it. Shoot is an important selling point for the Haskett’s service.
  • Helen Elks-Smith MSGD
    Shoot is a ‘no brainer’. It makes my initial pitch more complete and professional, my clients really like it and we get fewer client questions post-build as clients can self-help more.
  • Matt Nichol
    Time and value for money are Shoot’s huge benefits to my business. I use Shoot when I’m proposing planting schemes to customers. And at the end of the project, I either sell Shoot membership or provide it as part of the package.

Shoot gives you personalised, pro-active advice tailored to you and your clients.

  • Client garden management made easy
  • Unlimited sharing with clients, staff and suppliers forever
  • Your clients, your branding
  • Plant lists import with Vectorworks
  • Business listing with web links, profile, photo and logo