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Shoot Professional can offer so much to your business. What better way of understanding how you can integrate Shoot than by hearing from those professionals who use it on a daily basis. Listen to what some of our professional members are saying about Shoot.

  • Thrity Mama, TM Garden Design

    "I have started to use Shoot for planting plans and I really love it. It is intuitive and easy to use and lovely to share with my clients. Everything is packaged in one place that my clients can relate to their own garden."

  • Richard Rogers, Richard Rogers Designs

    "I started using Shoot at the London College of Garden Design. The plant database is exceptionally good for research and creating mood boards. The planning package allows me to 'paint' with the images of the plants and then to switch them off to black and white circles with labels for printing."

  • Charles Gilchrist, Garden Advisor to Cognatum Estates

    "I'm the Garden Advisor for Cognatum Estates with over 60 estates for retirement living. We use Shoot to remind the estate managers of the gardening tasks to do such as what and when to prune. I recommend any other estate managers, or those who hire contractors to do it for them, to use Shoot too."

  • Shawn Mayers, APLD. groundSwell Designs, Rhode Island, USA

    "I love Shoot. It is a great service I use to review the planting colour palette and bloom time with my clients. It is also a great service to share monthly garden care and management notes with my clients' gardeners and landscapers. I highly recommend it."

  • Jenna Bayer, Jenna Bayer Garden Design, CA USA

    "With Shoot it's like my clients get to have me as their personal gardener in their back pocket without me having to be there in person. Shoot is also a fantastic tool for me and my team when designing gardens and thinking about plants. I recommend you use Shoot too if you are a designer and want success. I do and I just love it."

  • Caroline Tatham, Principal, The Cotswold Gardening School

    "What I like most about Shoot is the plant database. I have used it for years and it just gets better and better. I also love Shoot for my students at the Cotswold Gardening School because it helps them get money in the bank which is so important when you are starting out. We are so impressed with Shoot we have now made it part of our curriculum."

  • Annie Nicholl Garden Design

    "I'd like to say how happy I am with this amazing website and the wonderful support from the team. I am now able to speed up the whole process of right plant and right place to produce beautiful photographic plant lists. It is a win win for my clients and for myself."

  • Seonaid Royall, Sprout Up

    "Shoot takes care of the riskier side of garden design which is what happens after you leave. With the Sprout Up branded care calendar my clients know what and when to care for their new gardens. This ensures my gardens look their very best as they grow and change. I recommend Shoot to all garden designers."

  • Thomas Stone, Thomas Stone Horticultural Services

    "I have a team of 3 managing 40 gardens. I can share Shoot profiles with my clients and my clients love it. It used to take me 8 hours per planting plan and now it takes me only an hour - speeding up the process. I would recommend you use Shoot with your clients too."

  • Paul Lupton, Paul Lupton Garden Services

    "I really like Shoot for the plant list catalogue which is mobile and also for the monthly care calendar. This helps clients to do the right tasks at the right time and it also guides the helpers in my business. If you are a business or a keen gardener choose Shoot."

  • Rick Laughlin, APLD Landscape Designer USA

    "I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah. The benefits of Shoot for me are three-fold - collaborating with clients is huge, being able to show them the plants with the growing information, and the floriferous images are fantastic. You need to use Shoot in your business."

  • Richard Townsend, Beau Gardens

    "We manage in excess of 40 acres of formal gardens. Me and my team all use Shoot to look at tasks on a month to month basis. As we do each task we can check it off as done which allows me to allocate resources for the following week. We particularly like the mobile version which allows us to get all the information we need to hand on our phones too."

  • Faith Ramsay, My Country Garden

    "As a professional garden designer I use Shoot throughout the entire design process. If you are a garden designer, I recommend you use Shoot too to make your design process more efficient and more effective."

  • Gillie Leaf, Gillie Leaf Garden Design

    "My clients just love getting Shoot and as a garden designer it gives me a unique selling point. I just love it. The branding on the monthly emails also helps keep me front of mind so my clients don't forget about me. It is just what I am looking for."

  • Kat Kekona, Kat Kekona Designs

    "I'm a landscape designer from New York. I'll be so happy when Shoot comes out the USA to have that plant list and maintenance list just pop out in the emails to my clients without me having to do that."

  • Claire Vokins, Elizabeth Clare Gardening Ltd

    "If I don't know something about plants I will use Shoot to look it up. As a new gardening business I will be passing on all the information I can get from Shoot onto my clients. I recommend using Shoot - it is like 'paint your own garden with pictures' with Shoot."

  • Christine Wilkie, Christine Wilkie Garden Design

    "I've been using Shoot for 8 years now. Initially as a plant research tool, but increasingly as the bedrock of my business. It is one of the best tools in your armoury for any garden designer and I highly recommend you sign-up for the service."

  • Judi Samuels, Judi Samuels Garden Design

    "I have been using Shoot for 5 years now. I love it, and my clients love it. It is a great collaborative tool to compile plant lists and to find inspiration which you can then share with your clients. I recommend you use Shoot too."

  • Helen Elks-Smith, Elks-Smith Landscape & Garden Design

    "We work across the south of England from the New Forest. We have been using Shoot for the past 8 years to support our clients. Shoot enables us to better manage our relationships with our clients including sharing with them what tasks do to and when in their gardens. We heartily recommend Shoot as a great way to support your business."

  • Esra Parr, Esra Parr Garden Design

    "I have been using Shoot for several years and it is my first go to reference. I can show clients proposed planting and then when the job is done I can share the care advice on a month to month basis with them. I highly recommend Shoot to all garden designers."

  • Gillie Leaf, Gillie Leaf Garden Design

    "I use Shoot in a variety of ways to support my new business and to help it grow. I introduce planting ideas with my clients, which they are very excited about, and the monthly own-branded care advice keeps me front of mind with my clients. It is a great platform and I highly recommend Shoot to help your garden design business grow."

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