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Mr Paul Davies, My Garden (SG12)

Styles: Suburban

Soil types: Chalky, Clay

Soil drainage: Moisture-retentive

Soil pH: Alkaline

Light: Partial Shade

Aspect: North, East

Exposure: Exposed

Hardiness: Hardy (H4)

Garden, Furlong Way, Great Amwell : The garden backs onto the Hertford East railway line with open views across the line towards the River Lea Navigation and the Lea Valley - with Widbury Hill on the far side of the valley. The cold east and north-east winds whistle across the valley straight into the garden and we have lost several plants due to wind burn in the past. The garden is shaded with Oak and Horse Chestnut trees planted in the 19th Century which have had TPO's granted. The plot is the wrong way round with the house on the South side and the shaded garden to the north! The soil is clayey and chalky (alkaline) but is being improved by 30 years of composting! There is underlying river terrace gravel about 1m below ground level. My wife is the inspirational person in the garden and she has been greatly influenced by Beth Chatto's writings on dry gardening.

Mr Paul Davies's garden plan


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Mr Paul Davies

Mr Paul Davies

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Ribes Nigrum - please may we have a "Blackcurrant Plant" in the Fruit objects.
Fri. 5th June 2020 14:08


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