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Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson

About me
Hi. I'm Janet. I live in Northampton and only planted my first bedding plant in April (2010) with the assistance of my Garden(ing) hating, but garden "appreciative" partner, Keith. Since then I seem to have become avid for gardening but really unsure of what I'm doing despite buying numerous books and hours on the internet. At the moment I am trying to re-landscape most of the existing garden but lack the imagination and skill to know what to put where for both maximum effect and happiness of plant. I think part of the problem is I like so many different styles of planting and the garden just isn't big enough to lend itself to many areas without it looking like a big mish-mash. I don't want too high a maintenance garden as I am prone to short term obsession. If I think I'm not getting anywhere there is a good chance I will give up and then it will be back to Keith and his easy care Ivy!

Gardening expertise
Keen but Clueless

Biggest gardening accomplishments
Creating the Pond, although in hindsight I would have read more into it first then built it, as there are a few things I would like to change.

Biggest gardening frustrations
Trying to decide what should go where. I would like to enlist the help of a Garden designer but don't think the funds will stretch that far.

The gardening project I am currently working on
Pretty much an all over make over!! Nothing like jumping in the deep end when you haven't got a clue what your doing.


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