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Andy (LS20), My Garden (LS20)

Styles: Child friendly, English cottage

Soil types: Loamy

Soil drainage: Moisture-retentive

Soil pH: Acid

Light: Full Sun

Aspect: South

Exposure: Sheltered

Hardiness: Tender in frost (H3), Hardy (H4)

Our land (including the house) is triangular. A path runs down the centre (down the side of the house) to the rear garden but gives us a large front and side garden. It's a very country garden with several trees and lots of plants. Around the side garden is a gravel path leading to a rockery. Ferns, holly and 2 beautiful lilac trees. One of the lilacs seems to be unhappy as there were very few flowers this year. The front garden is quite formal. A rectangle lawn with roses around. They are going soon. I'm not a rose person I'm afraid. Infact a lot of plants will disappear in 2011. We aquired the garden in November 2009 and used 2010 to make the house as we wanted. Although the garden is beautiful, we want to make it more us. Can't wait.

Andy (LS20)'s garden plan


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Andy (LS20)

Andy (LS20)

About me
Coming up to 8 years Fostering. The most troubled 5 to 10 year olds in the Care System. We assess the needs of Children (mostly seriously abused boys) for future Carers to get a matched placement. Most of the Children need to be taught everything from eating properly to dressing. You name it and we've dealt with it one way or another. We've gone long term now with a little girl. (our first girl). Our garden is very important for play, safety and relaxation. We have 5 grown-up Children who have their own homes, 2 Grandchildren (shown in photo) and have Fostered 13. Our garden is big and is perfect for bbq's, drinks, friends and family. The garden is our quiet place when the Children are at School. The house is often stressful and noisey.

Gardening expertise
Very Keen

Biggest gardening accomplishments
Gardening is a great hobby and so relaxing. The results are worth waiting for and provide enjoyment to others.

Biggest gardening frustrations
My biggest frustrations is not knowing much. But the not knowing is fun. Learning is hard because there's so much to learn and so many plants with so many names and relatives. Shoot makes things a lot easier. Cross referencing everything before buying/planting.

The gardening project I am currently working on
Repairs and weeding. Can't wait for the garden to spring into life. Although the hawthorne hedges could do with growing slower.


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