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Sarah Oates, My Garden (CO7)

Styles: English cottage, Exotic, Jungle, Rural, Spiritual, Wildlife

Soil types: Loamy

Soil drainage: Well-drained

Soil pH: Neutral

Light: Full Shade, Full Sun

Aspect: North, South, East

Exposure: Sheltered

Hardiness: Hardy (H4)

Relatively small but long garden with lovely, old brick wall on north east side. Very protected but suffers from lack of air movement in some parts. Jam packed with a mixture of plants; one side sun loving, the other side shade loving. Now having to dig up and replace many plants because they are growing too big. My garden seems to be a haven for ferns and poppies which freely appear in the most irrational of places. I struggle to find "pretty" plants for the really shaded areas; I also have one patch which is sunny but very, very dry (under a large conifer) again, I struggle to find plants for here which I like. I love my lawn but, alas, each year it is getting smaller because I keep buying more plants!

Sarah Oates's garden plan

There is not a published plan for this garden yet.


Sarah Oates

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About me
I've been in the garden industry, initially as a buyer for a leading chain of garden centres for 25 years (you get less for murder!) and for the last 2+ years,on the other side of desk selling in to the garden industry. I have a son who, thankfully, is past the age of playing football & cricket in the garden so I can now plant more delicate plants rather than those with thorns and an iron hard constitution! I do not encourage birds in to my garden; living rurally there is a penchant for rats and they don't need me supplying them with 3 square meals a day! I have a very fat, lazy cat who does not wander too far from his food bowl; no chance he will keep the vermin at bay! I work full time based from home which is lovely. I live in the centre of a very vibrant village in south Suffolk with a real sense of community spirit, although Birmingham born, I love the country life.

Gardening expertise
Very Keen

Biggest gardening accomplishments
Over the last 15 years building my garden from an overgrown vegetable patch with shoulder high cabbages to a haven of tranquillity and managing to maintain it.

Biggest gardening frustrations
Not having enough space to do what I would like to do. I have now run out of space in my garden. Living in East Anglia, I seem to be constantly having to water, much as this is daydream time, while the hosepipe ban is in place, it is a tad time consuming.

The gardening project I am currently working on
Nothing at present, just general maintenance and, inspite of all the rain, still watering.


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