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Jessica Higham, My Garden (SW10)

Styles: Contemporary, Courtyards and small terraces

Aspect: North

The garden is delineated by the kitchen window and the low, boundary wall. It consists of 5 sqm which started life as the local cats' loo, due to the gravel groundcover. I decided the only way to put off the cats was to green it over. I deepened the gravel to the recommended depth of 10cm of gravel/compost mix (80%/20%) for alpines. The garden already had a Ceanothus and a Buddleja, both in wooden barrels that were falling to pieces. So I removed the planking and used the deepening of the gravel to create a mound up to the nursery line on both shrubs. The Ceanothus had become very unkempt and desperately needed pruning, if only to allow light and air to the centre of the shrub to get rid of the scale insect. What emerged, after pruning, now resembles a large bonsai tree. The Buddleja, I pruned hard, to keep it in check. Then I planted the alpines. The cats have not returned.

Jessica Higham's garden plan

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Jessica Higham

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