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tara mclaren, My Garden (EH55)

Styles: English cottage, Rural

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tara mclaren

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About me
I am an enthusiastic gardener and although I have been gardening for a number of years I would still consider myself a novice. I moved house four years ago to one which has a small front garden and a fairly large, long back garden on two levels. My fav style is country cottage which suits my house as we are fairly rural living just outside the village. This year my ambition is to get structure and a wind break into the front garden which was was flattened by the high winds last summer.

Gardening expertise
Keen but Clueless

Biggest gardening accomplishments
I once grew lovely sweet peas nearly as good as my mothers! Having people passing my front garden and commenting on how lovely the flowers are in summer.

Biggest gardening frustrations
My garden never looks like the ones on the TV! I hate seedlings too fiddly.Never having enough money to buy the amount of plants at one time to create the look I am after as I like instant gardening as I don't have much patience.

The gardening project I am currently working on
I need to create a wind break in the front garden thinking of planting a hedge. Going to introduce some box balls and a low box hedge for winter structure. In the back garden plant up white border and create a division so that raised beds and compost heap

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Sun. 29th January 2012 16:11

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