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Christopher Bond

Christopher Bond

About me
I'm 59 (and feeling old!).Semi-retired with sole-trader printing business still sort of going (but not much).Studied Botany (and then Chemistry) at QMC London and Portsmouth Poly, then veered away completely and became a building/structural surveyor for about 20 years. Made redundant and set up secretarial/printing business. Ran business from 1992 till now. Got bored and reverted to our garden which I had taken no interest in for 25/30 years. Can't get away from it now! Only became a 'BAG'* about 10 months ago, but the botany is all coming back to me, and I love it. *Born-Again Gardener

Gardening expertise
Very Keen

Biggest gardening accomplishments
Getting some semblance of order back into the garden. My wife dug a pond (16M2) about 5 years ago which I completely ignored (I hated the garden then). The pond went ape (mainly because of Great Reed Mace which was nearly uncontrollable - see pics). Have now cleared reed mace, but lining pretty damaged (see below).

Biggest gardening frustrations
Firstly, we have a HUGE beech tree bang in the middle of the garden, which makes so much shade that plant selection is tricky, coupled with a VERY large flowering cherry in next-door garden, which I try to keep in check but it's still overshadowing my main border. Secondly, I am unable to re-line the pond (which is now only about 1/3 full due to leaks and smothered in duckweed) because the frogs and newts have re-occupied (and frogs have spawned heavily). Thirdly (see below) I have run out of topsoil which I need for project below. And LAST, but not least, we have a Continental Giant Black Rabbit (see profile photo), who eats all and sundry, so whole garden (borders etc) has to be ring-fenced - even so, the bugger still gets in amongst! Good job we love him to bits! PS: Also now totally frustrated by THE HOSEPIPE BAN!

The gardening project I am currently working on
[1] I am rebuilding the area of garden beyond the pond, with sloping beds and a waterfall. Have run out of topsoil and have tons of plants (some over a year in pots) waiting to be planted out! Furthermore, I can't afford the damn pump for the waterfall!

Christopher Bond's forum posts

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