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Bar Lawson, Bar lawson (BA6)

Styles: English cottage, Organic

Soil types: Clay

Soil drainage: Well-drained

Soil pH: Neutral

Light: Full Sun, Partial Shade

Aspect: South

Exposure: Sheltered

I love to walk waist high through flowers, I did once, in Transylvanian meadows and have rarely experienced anything so perfect. My paths interweave the plants and on a tiny scale I can re-create that sense of well being and pleasure.

Bar Lawson's garden plan

There is not a published plan for this garden yet.


Bar Lawson

Bar Lawson

About me
An incurable romantic, very few things are more worth doing than gardening. Very few places would I rather be in than my garden. I share it with those I love, including blackbirds, pesky starlings and frogs. I love my garden, it feeds my soul and keeps me out of trouble!

Gardening expertise
Very Keen

Biggest gardening accomplishments
My not very large, flat and once ordinary garden is now full of interest, paths that meander under pergolas and through flower beds describe a circle upon a circle, rather like the number eight. There are Honeysuckle,Clematis and Rambling Roses to walk under and Cranesbill, Lavender and fleabane to walk beside.

Biggest gardening frustrations
Next door's Ash tree plunges part of my garden into shade every afternoon, it drops endless amounts of leaves all over the grassy bit and I wish it was smaller. The Starlings sit in it all day and droppings festoon my garden seat, sometimes I wish it wasn't there at all, this makes me sad, because we are invaded by Ash Die Back and my wishes might come true.

The gardening project I am currently working on
Finding plants that look comfortable beside a pond which can cope with only afternoon sunlight, I fancy the idea of grasses, but they fancy a lot more light Also, I want to put some of my grassy bit to wild flowers.

Bar Lawson's forum posts

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