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Daphne Tompkins, My Garden (NN6)

Styles: Allotment or vegetable plot

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Daphne Tompkins

Daphne Tompkins

About me
I have been gardening since I was a little girl of five, with my father. He had an allotment and I used to help in there. After a while I really looked forward to going and when he passed away (when I was fifteen), I had learn't quite a bit about vegetable growing. Unfortunately he was not a flower man, and I have been trying to catch up with flowers ever since. I mainly grow veggies. These are usually allium, Beet, Beans, and salad stuff, with squashes taking up much of the space that's left. I care for four gardens at the moment. None are large, but still a lot of work for the older person, but it does keep those arthritic joints from stiffening up. Mustn't sit for too long, gotta go.....

Gardening expertise

Biggest gardening accomplishments
Producing a flourishing veg patch from an old lawn 60ft by 20ft, in nine months.

Biggest gardening frustrations
Keeping the caterpillars, aphids and ants to a minimum without using insectasides.

The gardening project I am currently working on
Helping my new friend to transfer her allotment to her rear garden at home. An area of about 70ft by 30ft. She wants to continue her flower and shrub borders and also her herbs, but grow her mangetout peas and sweetcorn as well as her butternut squashes

Daphne Tompkins's forum posts

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Mon. 30th September 2013 08:36

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Mon. 30th September 2013 08:27

Butternuts in early September
Mon. 2nd September 2013 18:37

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