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Lynne.London Woodland Garden., My Garden (TW9)

Styles: English cottage, Suburban, Water, Wildflower

Lynne.London Woodland Garden.'s garden plan

There is not a published plan for this garden yet.


Lynne.London Woodland Garden.

Lynne.London Woodland Garden.

Gardening expertise
Keen but Clueless

Biggest gardening accomplishments
Learning to appreciate and enjoy working in the garden instead of finding it a chore ( although it is still a chore at times!) Also starting to learn more plant names and distinguishing between weeds and plants-although weeds still have a place in our natural woodland garden.

Biggest gardening frustrations
Dry shade,Bindweed,in fact generally too many weeds because not enough ground cover yet.Lavender-keep buying it because it looks beautiful in the garden centre but then get fed up at how it looks after the first year,yet still I buy more!

The gardening project I am currently working on
2 new beds which get the most sun in the garden-bordered with box hedging with an olive tree in the middle of each one but not sure what to put in next!

Lynne.London Woodland Garden.'s forum posts

Re: Re: Will my Hosta grow back?
Tue. 2nd April 2013 15:00

Will my Hosta grow back?
Fri. 29th March 2013 17:58


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