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Anne Moore, My Garden (BS24)

Soil types: Clay

Soil drainage: Boggy damp conditions

Soil pH: Alkaline

Light: Full Sun

Aspect: South, East

Exposure: Sheltered

Hardiness: Indoor unheated (H2), Tender in frost (H3), Hardy (H4)

I have just started gardening this year and I have managed to grow from seed 6 sunflowers the bright yellow variety and a shorter 1, 3 tomato plants, I haven't got my seed packet anymore as I gave some to my friend for her to grow too, I've planted north Holland blood red spring onions, french dwarf double mixed marigolds, a Mediterranean mix of basil, chives, rocket leaves,thyme, a mixed Mediterranean herbs, Italian salad leaf mix, another mix of Chillies, strawberries, Buttercrunch lettuce, Karmen red onion, oregano, basil all in a propagator and small seed trays. and I've bought some plants too, just to start with, a cherry tomato called pick a tom, 5 purple sprouting broccoli it doesn't have a name, the label just says that it is the hardiest and easiest to grow, 4 strawberry plants, 1 is called the Cambridge favourite and 3 are called F1 Merlan and a green courgette with no name.

Anne Moore's garden plan


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Anne Moore

Anne Moore

About me
I have only just started gardening over the last couple of months, I have never gardened in my life but I am really enjoying it. We have quite a small garden so I thought it would be easier to grow plants, fruit and vegetables in containers.

Gardening expertise

Biggest gardening accomplishments
I think would have to be my first sunflowers as the tallest 1 now is 47" tall and I grew them from seeds.

Biggest gardening frustrations
The slugs and snails just seem to nibble at everything.

The gardening project I am currently working on
Trying to train my Jasmine to grow upwards.

Anne Moore's forum posts

My Lotus Orange Plant
Sat. 23rd August 2014 13:41

Does anyone know where I can get black pampas grass please.
Sat. 16th August 2014 02:18

I bought 5 purple sprouting broccoli plants and 2 are doing well and 3 not so well why might that be
Sun. 25th May 2014 19:41


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