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jean lamb, Fruit Garden (DT4)

Styles: Coastal, Allotment or vegetable plot

This is the other half of my lotti which I have dedicated to fruit growing. This part is at the top of an east/north facing slope so the very top enjoys morning, afternoon and evening sunshine in summer! I have never fully dug this half as I did with the veg patch! Instead I dug up 2m x1m strips conditioned and planted with fruit of various kinds. These 'strips' have been extended over time. I roughly mowed the weeds between 'strips' and dug out big leafed weeds replacing with grass seed-now I have quite adequate grass paths. These can be a chore in Spring as they need cutting often and in these last few wet summers too. They look good especially in winter when there are few mass green areas! I can't resist sticking prunings from currant bushes into the ground so I have more than enough bushes enabling me to pass on a few plants. Strawberry jam is my aim but not produced yet!

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jean lamb

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About me
My allotment is now my garden having moved into a flat. The flats gardens are tended by me but I desperately try not to think of them as mine! The allotment provides most of my vegetables, fruit and communication with nature. I try to grow organically. Feeding the soil is my approach. As 'maturity' comes to me I realise I shall have limited digging ability so am aiming for a no dig regime. The soil was heavy clay when I took over 6 years ago but it has greatly improved-I'm relieved to say! My mantra is "never mind there's always next year!" when crops and/or weather are disappointing! Talking to the long time allotment tenders you can grow something successfully 10 years in a row and do the same again and then have a failure in the 11th year! Nature is always surprising and challenging. The thrill of eating a meal mainly home grown takes some beating! I LOVE it!

Gardening expertise
Very Keen

Biggest gardening accomplishments
Taming a long time unused allotment into a productive, hopefully attractive plot.

Biggest gardening frustrations
blight on tomatoes and slugs and snails!

The gardening project I am currently working on
building a fruit cage and terracing my plot/helping friend redesign her garden

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