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Pádraig de Búrca, My Garden (ILCW)

Styles: Suburban, Allotment or vegetable plot

Soil types: Clay

Soil drainage: Well-drained

Soil pH: Neutral

Light: Full Sun, Partial Shade

Aspect: South

Exposure: Sheltered

Hardiness: Tender in frost (H3), Hardy (H4)

A suburban garden, but rather larger than might be expected at approx 30 x 80 feet (rear). My focus recently has been rockery & raised beds. Most are easy-care, with membrane & gravel for weed-free care. Also 2 very satisfying raised vegetable beds, constructed to allow me grow some food into my old age.

Pádraig de Búrca's garden plan


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Pádraig de Búrca

Pádraig de Búrca

About me
I am retired and approaching full-time unpaid self-employment as head-gardener at My Back Garden in SE Ireland. Additionally, whenever there's time to fill I like to change topic to one of: long-distance cycling, photography, digital junkie or writer. Combining the photography and writing about my garden is a therapy no medicine can equal. I am blogging some of my experiences at GrowWriteRepeat. If you go there, I'll be there too! I generally try to follow garden bloggers who follow me. Evening reading! Instagram and Twitter @growwriterepeat

Gardening expertise
Very Keen

Biggest gardening accomplishments
1. I think I've future-proofed my garden. Lots of raised beds and weed-supressing tactics. 2. Also very satisfied with my developing propagating skills. 3. Finally, a Shoot account that helps knit it all together.

Biggest gardening frustrations
1. Having had to put my hobby on hold for over 10 years while work and family took precedence 2. Recurring planting of unsuitable plants. 3. Probably a few more around the corner, but above are now rectified.

The gardening project I am currently working on
November 2016: Just completed the FINAL construction job. A seating area that catches late evening sun. The planting of this and accessorising will be my winter homework. Down the line: so many ideas. Most likely to get to the top of my working list is to support (nag) my local council to complete the arrangements for our first Allotment.

On the web
Blog: https://growwriterepeat.com/
Twitter: @growwriterepeat

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