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Fisher Tomlin Case Study

Award-winning garden design firm Fisher Tomlin (andrewfishertomlin.com) is now making use of own-branded HTA Shoot plant data in its web site.

Ten of the most recent Fisher Tomlin garden design projects profiled in the web site, including a Contemporary city garden; a Sustainable roof garden; an English country garden; and a Mediterranean town garden, now offer detailed planting lists. In the Mediterranean town garden, for example, Andrew used the plants Liquidamber styraciflua, Olea europea, Kniphofia 'Buttercup', Echium candicans, and Helianthemum 'The Bride'.

Fisher tomlin plant data

Visitors are invited to learn more about the plants in each garden. When they click on Kniphofia 'Buttercup', for example, they can read it has been given an Award of Garden Merit, dislikes chalky soil, prefers a sunny position, should be divided when large and will reach maturity in 2-5 years when it might grow to 85 cm tall.

"Our garden profiles are the most visited area of our website," says Andrew Fisher Tomlin. "The new addition of rich plant data for each garden we profile helps provide an extra layer of interesting information. This is yet another way of providing an inventive and educational way to engage visitors to our web site."

All the plant pages used in the web site are own-branded with the Fisher Tomlin logo and colours so that the visitor experience remains consistent. To view these, go to 'Partners' at andrewfishertomlin.com and click on any of the recent projects along the bottom of the page.

Shoot is a unique online plant data offer that allows retail HTA members an affordable way to create an own branded plant library within their own web sites using Shoot's extensive plant data. To find out more about this offer, to preview how the plant data would look for your company and then order it online, visit hta.shootgardening.co.uk.