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Founder of Shoot - Nicola Gammon

Richard Branson Virgin VOOM and Nicola Gammon Founder of Shoot

Nicola Gammon (CEO of Shoot)
VOOM GREAT finalist in Richard Branson's Virgin VOOM business competition 2016.

Welcome to Shoot, created for gardeners like me. I am not an expert, but rather a typical 'self-taught gardener' who just wanted to create and maintain a beautiful garden.

I'd buy an attractive plant in the local garden centre, bring it home and then it died because I put it in the wrong place or gave it the wrong treatment. It was very expensive, and also heartbreaking to lose a beautiful plant I'd fallen for. I thought plastic labels were ugly so I threw them away – then didn't know what plants I had. And I had no idea how to look after my purchases either. I never had time to consult a gardening book on when to prune or plant.

Then I realised that there are lots of others like me – busy people who wanted to have a nice garden but aren't very knowledgeable and needed advice on how to care for their plants. I hope you try Shoot and that you find it useful, informative and easy-to-use. If you do, and you like it, please tell your friends about us. Please send comments and feedback to shoot@shootgardening.co.uk.

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Reference from Seth Godin Author, teacher, entrpreneur

"Nicola Gammon, founder of Shoot, was one of 12 women entrepreneurs invited to join me for a three-day seminar in my office in November 2010. We had over 1,000 applications and Nicola stood out as genuine with a remarkable business idea. What was clear, even back then, was that Nicola had turned internet visitors into gardening friends, and gardening friends into loyal customers. And she now has turned those loyal customers into investors in her award-winning business. With Shoot, Nicola continues to make a ruckus transforming the way we garden by enabling everyone to be a successful gardener. Congratulations on all your success Nicola. BRAVO"