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Grow your own

Are you growing your own vegetables, herbs or fruit? Shoot can help you to manage and care for your patch all in one place. You can:

  • keep lists of all your vegetables, herbs and fruit (see lists below) along with your own personal growing notes and photos
  • get personal month-by-month care advice for each variety in your own plant care calendar with reminders sent direct to your inbox
  • design or record your plot using our garden planner layout tool
  • chat to other members in our forums

Plan your vegetable plot or allotment

Use our 'my garden' planner tool to plot out your patch. Here are some sample veg plots created by Shoot members.

Grow your own - susie's garden and plants

Susie's potager - Click here to see her plan and vegetables used

Grow your own - faye's vegetable patch at the end of her garden

Faye's garden - Click here to see her garden, veg patch and plants used

Start your own list now and get care advice sent direct to your inbox. Click any of the names below for a list of the vegetables, herbs and fruit which we have in Shoot. Yours not there? Ask us to add it for you! We are nice that way :-)


Achocha Endive Potato
Artichoke Fennel Pumpkin
Asparagus French bean Radicchio
Beetroot Kohl rabi Radish
Broad bean Leek Rhubarb
Broccoli Lemon grass Rocket
Brussels sprout Lettuce Runner bean
Cabbage Mangetout Salsify
Calabrese Marrow Shallot
Carrot Mizuna Spinach
Cauliflower Mushroom Spring onion
Celeriac Mustard Squash
Celery Okra Swede
Chicory Onion Sweet corn
Chilli Pak Choi Swiss chard
Courgette Parsnip Tomato
Cress Pea Turnip
Cucumber Pepper
Eggplant Petit pois


Anise Dill Pennyroyal
Basil Garlic Peppermint
Bay leaf Horse radish Rosemary
Caraway Lemon balm Sage
Catmint Lovage Savory
Chamomile Marjoram Sorrel
Chervil Mint St. John's wort
Chives Mustard cress Tarragon
Coriander Oregano Thyme
Curry Parsley Wild rocket


Apple Greengage Plum


Huckleberry Quince
Avacado Jostaberry Raspberry
Blackberry Kumquat Red currant
Cantaloupe Lemon Rhubarb
Cherry Ligonberry Strawberry
Cranberry Blueberry Loganberry Tamarillo
Fig Melon Tomato
Gooseberry Peach Tayberry
Grape Pear White currant
Grapefruit Persimmon