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"I am absolutely delighted with Shoot and only wish that I had known about it some years ago! You have delighted me so much with the site that I want to ensure it remains the prime site for garden enthusiasts." Neville D, Whirlow Hall Farm Trust

"The site is terrific - great functionality and an incredibly comprehensive and useful database. As a result of searching for a few plants, I then purchased them from Cotswold Garden Flowers - which is close to where we live. It's the first site I've come across which can make managing our garden very straightforward. I have a huge number of plants which I've wanted to catalogue for ages, but have been put off by the time I need to put aside to do this properly." David Stein

"Your website was suggested to us by our professional garden designer and we have found it extremely helpful. The plant care information is extremely helpful as is the automatic receipt each month of a list of gardening tasks for the next few weeks. That helps us see straight away what we should be doing and when. An extremely helpful website for all gardeners." Mairi, Shoot member with a rural garden on the outskirts of Glasgow

"I think Shoot is brilliant, an awesome and very welcome level of service" Federica, Italy

"I have taken the opportunity to spend some time looking at your website - it really is excellent! " Angela Barker

"Without exception my clients have been extremely receptive to the idea of receiving maintenance reminders via Shoot's excellent service, and the addition of the maintenance videos, e.g. How to Prune Roses etc., means that Shoot is not just a mine of information but a really effective teaching tool.

My clients have been very willing to pay me to set up their Shoot Account, and all I have to do is enter some very basic information and then click on the plants. What could be easier!

I really like the service, it gives my clients confidence - that is so important as it gets them enthused about caring for their plants, the end result being gardens that have a much better chance of reaching their potential and providing high-quality advertising for my business." Helen Allison Garden Design

Gardening Which magazine ranks us #1 for garden design software. (Page 32 Dec. 2009 issue) Yeah!

"(Shoot) really is very good, and very comprehensive in terms of the number of plants and the info. It knocks the socks off of anything else I've seen. I think my clients will like your service." Helen Allison Garden Design, New Market

"Thanks for a great site!" Catriona, Wantage Oxford

"Thoroughly enjoying planning my garden. I think the Shoot website is very good and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. The information contained within the plant database is just marvellous and then the icing on the cake - a monthly calendar to remind one as to what plant care is required." Carol, Oakham, Leicestershire

"Wonderful, what a great site you have! The care calender is inspired! Samuel, London

"Thank you very much. I'm impressed!" Collette, Shoot member (We added a plant to our plant database for Collette)

"Much obliged. The upgade to full membership is well worth it. x" Louise, new Shoot member and Facebook Fan

Shoot member Laura talks about the site and why she likes it in this new video!

"Thanks for the information...so glad I discovered your website." Kathy R, new Shoot member

"Your website is fantastic! Such a brilliant idea :)" Rebecca, Shoot member, Dulich London

"Thank you so much for adding (my) plants! I'm so impressed with your website and all its features - I'm recommending Shoot to all my gardening buddies" Sangeeta, Shoot member, Bristol. "p.s. Please feel free to quote me for your testimonials - they really helped me decide to subscribe and I have no regrets whatsoever!"

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Shoot. The response time for adding plants to the database is brilliant. Thank you!" Shoot member Sarah, Bristol

Liz Hankins (Facebook fan) Speaking as a novice gardener I think Shoot is brilliant- and the other members are really helpful too! Still battling the slugs though....

Dilys Millard (Facebook fan) Shoot is a brilliant website:) It's full of useful information. If you subscribe (for peanuts - well, not literally, they do want cash) you will get monthly reminders about what you should be doing in your garden now. It's all personalised, because you will have set up a database of all the plants you have in your garden. Use it - it's great.

Diana Zee (Facebook fan) How handy you are! Full of useful info and interesting people with great gardens.

Vanessa Garstin (Facebook fan) Thank you for creating this amazing database for me to collate and catalogue all the plants in my garden! And the monthly Care Instructions are just what I need to look after them !!!

"Opening our garden for NGS (National Garden Scheme) next year. Would be lost without Shoot!" Debbie from Dorest

"I think Shoot is great, I think it epitomises the reason for the internet", Shoot member Owen B.

"Well done! I'd just like to let you know that Shoot is one of the best horticultural websites! It rarely lets me down when I am looking for information on particular species; your occasional professional forums are excellent; it is colourful and easy to navigate; and last but not least, full of inspiring ideas and photos. Well done and keep up the good work!" Irene from Malmesbury, Wiltshire

"Thanks for the details of best planting for Artemesia Limelight. Just bought a lovely plant from the local market yesterday but the care notes were sparse to say the least :) Glad I could use your website for the required info. You are now on my favourites and I will be recommending your site to friends." Jaki F, Bolton, Lancashire

"I'd like to say I think your site is a brilliant idea and I shall enjoy using it for the plant information and seasonal care. I particularly like the idea of having a complete list of the plants I have and adding to it when new plants are bought (instead of having a pile of dirty labels lying in the shed)." Stephanie S, Gardener - Chepstow, Gwent

"Just joined shoot and am loving it. " Maite B. Barnet London

"I am so glad I took membership of this site it is fabulous. I have never joined any sort of site before and I have trawled through many garden sites but could never get all of my plants in one place except Shoot - and as soon as I saw that I could 'request a plant to be added' I paid my membership and haven't looked back. I really am a beginner and many of the plants you have added for me are those I have seen in local private gardens that open every year for local charity events - so they are very 'real gardens'. I have been writing down all the ones I like for 2 years until I could start my own garden which will be planted up the end of this month. I really like the care instructions all in one place and I also like to feel organised. I have got some great advice from the site also - it's all very welcome - I have found that a lot of questions I have are already covered in the forums." Ann D, Beginner Gardener - Hertford

"Many of my clients receive regular updates on maintaining their gardens from Shoot. It is particularly useful for busy town dwellers who may not have the time or the in-depth knowledge to know what tlc their garden needs each month." Charlotte Rowe, Garden Designer, London

"I think the website is fantastic !" Angie Barker Dip GD (Inst GD) BA (Hons)

" I just wanted to say thanks for your brilliant website. I broke my foot and ankle 3 months ago and have been sofa bound ever since. Shoot is the only thing that has kept me sane while I haven't been able to get in the garden & looking at other peoples gardens has given me some great ideas for when I can get back out there. Thanks a million!" Faye W, Gardener - South East London

"I like all of Shoot but most of all I like the organisation of the data on the site and the care calender. Im afraid I now have a six book bookshelf memory (when a seventh thought comes along one of the first six drops off at random) so to have the information about my garden laid out so helpfully will be amazing. What a splendid idea for a web site. We are currently planning and implementing a cottage garden and an orchard so to have Shoot running alongside as we add the various plants is perfect!" Ken, Gardener- Stowmarket, Suffolk

"I've just renewed my membership for another year and want to let you know how much I enjoy the site. I find it very useful and the "Other Peoples Gardens" is a great way of getting planting ideas or seeing in advance how well certain plants go together without wasting precious time and money by getting it all wrong due to lack of knowledge.Once again Thanks for a great site." Bill S, Gardener - Cottingham

"My plants (in Shoot) list is much better than an excel spread sheet - firstly I would have to enter all the data myself! Shoot gives me instant access to plant information, care and features all in one go but then by having the facility to add plants to My Garden enables me to instantly keep track of my own plants. With the Notes facility I can personalise my own care plan. For example, when I bought/raised plant, how it is doing, and so on. The care calendar prompts me to do the right job at the right time. I also like to see what other members are growing in their gardens and the option to add 'plants I want' is a good memo before I go to the garden centre/nursery." Laura T, Gardener - London

"That it was I call service! Really impressed!! Thank you very much." We added the plant Comprosma 'Fireburst' for new member Steve C. Ashby-de-la-zouch,Leicestershire

"Just stumbled upon your website in my lunch hour..............love it!!!!! Marvellous, great, fab. This is high praise indeed from me as I've never written to anybody about anything.

Didn't write to Jim'll Fix It
Never written to Points of View
Never applied to go on Question Time

God damn it I'm chained to my desk and can't get out into my garden until Friday. Thanks for the inspiration. p.s. very useful to be able to see great pictures of gardens and not only that but be able to see what plants were used and then link to them to see if they would suit my own space!" Sally M. Hampton, Middlesex

"I have just had a years free subscription from (garden designer) Charlotte Rowe. Very impressed ... will get out into the garden this week! p.s. Originally found Charlotte via Shoot website, I Googled "Low maintenance gardens" and fell in love with her designs!" Kate R., Garden designer client - Amersham, Buckinghamshire

Click here to sign up as a designer and select the optional upgrade to send your clients free Shoot maintenance plans for one year as Charlotte has done for Kate.

"Congratulations and well done (on the Garden Writers Guild - Best Electronic Media Award nomination)! !! I always enjoy your web site I find it most interesting and informative, a lot better than the BBC in my opinion - must easier to navigate. Best regards, Irene."

"Well done (for the Garden Writers Guild - Best Electronic Media Award nomination)! Just to let you know that without Shoot I would find doing my colllege homework very difficult and I know I speak for other people on my course. I completed my NA (horticulture design) with distinction and am a little way through my NCH and we wouldn't be able to complete our projects half as easily and so well informed if it wasn't for the website. Thanks very much, Linsay"

"Well just how much fun can you have on a compter on a wet afternoon. I have a bag with a good number of my plant labels and I went happily adding them onto the site. Even my husband was impressed. I was inspired to go and take some soft wood cuttings too. Thanks for a great bit of info." Marion, The Happy Gardener (Source: Gardeners Corner Forum)

"Hope you find this site as useful as I do, Happy Birthday love from Kate" Gift subscription bought by Kate, Gardener - Surrey

"As always 10/10 for Shoot." Jack, Gardener - Epping

"This website is so marvelous. It is like a mobile phone or a remote control ... once you've got it, you wonder how you ever lived without it! You wonder 'how did I ever know what to do with my plants before?'" Jean, Gardener - Lancaster

"I have really enjoyed using your website and find it excellent for recording my small plant collection. It was easy and very satisfying setting up 'my garden' - and the 'plants I want' section is much better than scribbling on scraps of paper which get lost or thrown away." Diana, Gardener - Clerkenwell, London

"For years I have wished that I could search for a new property by its Garden! Well done . . . I really hope that estate agents will wake up to the idea. Thanks for a great site." Sheila

"I am dying to get started!" Carol, Gardener - Nantwich

"I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic job. Rarely have I come across such a useful, and user friendly, site." Spike Jackson, Garden Designer MSGD

"Just wanted to say what a fantastic website this is. Up till now, have always kept a written diary of my garden's maintenance and plant upkeep. But now am in the process of putting everything on your care calendar, which with all the additional information you can download, is time saving and educational. Keep up the good work!" Wendy, Gardener - Caldy, Wirral

"shoot is very helpful to me, as I'm doing an RHS gardening course (general certificate 2). It's helping me to plan out the plants needed for my assignment in Garden Design, being put into the right places, for focal points, colors, height, and texture. Keep up the good work." Martin, RHS Garden Design Student - Pewsey, Wiltshire New update from Martin "Having the correct software you too can receive an "A" (like I did) as well allowing you to get the best out of your garden!"

"The site looks fantastic will use it regularly. Have been gardening for 50yrs but never too old to learn. Keep up the good work." Catherine, Gardener - Hampshire

"Excellent! This site is such a brilliant idea. Till now, I have been a rather sporadic gardener, but having all this information at my fingertips, and reminders of what to do and when, should ensure that more of my plants make it to another year! Nothing before has inspired me so much." Joan, Gardener - Watford, Herts.

"I have only just been given your site. I have only been on for 20 mins and know I will become addicted. It seems so easy to use. Such a simple but superb idea - I only wish it had been mine." Linda, Gardener - Bristol, South Glocs

"Gardening was a total nightmare for us. After using your fabulous website everything is becoming clear." Jayne, Gardener - Manchester

"Just for the record I think your site is bloody brilliant! I have just had major landscaping done and the info on Shoot is just what I needed to help me care for the new plants and shrubs. Well done!" Jack, Gardener - Epping, Essex

"You only have to look at shoot to find out how great your site is and very helpful. Just keep the good work up thank you." Danny, Gardener - Clitheroe, Lancashire

Thank you for the descriptions of the show gardens (Chelsea 2006), it's wonderful to have so much detail on the plants which the designers choose. I find one of my biggest problems is when choosing a particular plant for colour/scent/size/etc. I plant out only to find later that the plant does not like my sandy soil. 'Shoot' is providing an excellent service with very good plant descriptions and I can see increased use for a variety of needs. Doug, Gardener - Sunningdale (near Ascot), Berkshire

"Can't praise your Web site enough keep up the very good work." Gordon, Gardener - Whitley Bay, North East England

"I really think the site is great. I am a relatively new gardener and now all in one place I have all the information pertinent to the plants I have in MY garden which I think is great.' Beverley, New Gardener - Solihull

"Grrreat site. Hi ya folks, this site is so handy even for professional gardeners like my self. I am sure that the monthly shoot emails will take out most of the guess work for the novice or hobby gardener. I am so glad that I am a member because the plant dictionary will become one of the most comprehensive collections on the web." Darrell Hills, Head Gardener - Isle of Anglesey, N.Wales

"Brilliant site, the plant information you added to your database at my request is so detailed I'm sure it will increase my gardening ability no end" Eric, Avid Gardener - Warrington, Cheshire

"I find your website the best around. It is set up so well and not at all complicated like other sites I have come across. Your site is so refreshing and just the ticket." Darren, Gardener - Heywood, Greater Manchester

"There is something about shoot that sets it aside and above all the other gardening sites I've seen - its refreshingly easy to use, and is very friendly." Charlie, gardener - Chelsea Bridge, London

"I think the site is brilliant, so much information and easy to use. It is going to be really helpful to me." Gina, gardener - Honiton, Devon

"Just a newbie to shoot - but absolutely thrilled to find it. It looks exactly what I've been looking for. I'm going to hunt out all my plant labels tomorrow and add the rest. " Rachel, gardener - Billericay, Essex

"Great site by the way! Its great to see something so innovative! It's a really accessible site that looks good & isn't at all stuffy. I like the fact also that I can set the plant list so that I can see the botanical names first." Anna Gutkowska, Garden Designer - Sherwood, Nottingham

"Thanks for adding these plants requested to your database. I have been thinking of how wonderful a site like this would be when I came across yours accidentally during an internet search for a plant diary planner so I could record exactly what I already have. I will continue to catalogue and add plants from my garden, using the tips and guides available to help me get the best from them. Keep up the good work." Aneel, gardener - Rugby, Warwickshire

"Hi! Love the 'shoot' site!" Sarah Newton, Garden maintenance - Croydon, South London

"I found 'shoot' a great site to visit and once I did, I was hooked and now I have become a member, I'd like to continue to visit at least weekly." Julie, Gardener - Shropshire

"I have to say that your site is absolutly brilliant. Just what we all wanted. Keep up the wonderful work." Angie, Gardener - Edge of Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

"I find shoot invaluable and it has made my gardening life so much easier, especially the updates about what I should be doing in what season - this saves looking things up in the various manuals that I have. shoot is innovative and exciting and leads the way from what I have seen of most of the other horticultural sites on the internet. Well done!" Julie, Gardener - Urmston, Manchester

"I love this site!!! Is it fairly new? I just found this site is the best, so helpful month by month ... to me, it is just perfect This site is like a Bible of Gardening for me. Great work, thanks very much." Pat, Gardener - Plymouth, Devon

"Shoot is fantastic. It's a really great way of ensuring the investment our clients make in a garden will continue to grow and improve each year." Andrew Fisher Tomlin, Garden Designer - London

"Really like the site. Perfect for a novices like me - so I can know what to do when. I think the site is easy to use and the content is great. The next stage for me, once we have got to grips with the garden, will be a bit more design focused and you seem to have that too! Jessica, Gardener - London

"I think shoot is fab although I am still finding out everything it does! Thanks for adding those plants - I will be pointing my clients in your direction no doubt! Alice Bowe, Garden Designer - Nottingham and London

"I am now keen to learn more about my garden including growing my own plants. I've looked at various other sites but never registered with any as I found them hard to manoeuvre and not very helpful. Your site on the other hand was very user-friendly, and I like the months tip on what I should be doing - really helpful for a beginner like me." Tracy, Gardener - Airdrie, Scotland

"Your site is very well presented. Well done!" Rob McGee, Landscaper - Ashford, Kent

"Just had another look at the site, so delightful to see properly named plants, the prairie garden in particular, ah bliss! " Alison Moody, Frogheath Nursery Landscapes - Burwash Weald, East Sussex

Why not send us your own comments to shoot@shootgardening.co.uk. We would love to hear from you.

Why not send us your own comments to shoot@shootgardening.co.uk. We would love to hear from you.