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New - August 2009

11th August - NEW Video! Richard Wanless show us how to summer prune wisteria! Summer pruning will help it to flower again.

10th August 2009 - New designer gardens added!

1st August 2009 - NEW video! Margaret Lear shows us how to take semi-ripe cuttings of plants such as rosemary.

1st August 2009 - NEW plant swap. Too many plants? Trade them here!

31th July 2009 Award-winning Bluebell Arboretum, Derbyshire Open garden days 12 & 30 Aug

30th July 2009 New designer cottage path garden by London designer Claudia de Yong.

30th July 2009 Planting for colour - which colour personality are you?

29th July 2009 NEW VIDEO Bryn Bowles shows us how to divide garden plants such as irises!

28th July 2009 New designer courtyard garden by London designer Catherine Heatherington! Beautiful at night with uplighting and water.

26th July 2009 New designer garden Old Chapel garden by Norwich garden designer Jamie Miles

24th July 2009 NEW VIDEO Member Laura talks about why she likes Shoot :-)

17th July 2009 - We have just added a new Designer's Garden to our listing. See Jaime Miles' Terraced Garden with full plants list.

13th July 2009 - Join our new Facebook group!

11th July 2009 - We have just added our 9,300th plant. It is Clematis 'Ooh La La' requested by Rachel in Bournemouth, Dorset. It is a plant in her garden so we added it for her.

2nd July 2009 - New forum! We love plants - Tell us about which you love! Are they in Shoot? If not ask us to add them for you We try to be helpful to you :-)

2nd July 2009 - Garden Professionals Grow Revenue Stream with Shoot - A spotlight on success with Broadview Garden Design.

1st July 2009 - Garden designers use Shoot for clients. Click to download case study

1st July 2009 - We have just added our 9,200th plant. It is Rosa 'Lichfield Angel', a gorgeous English rose.

24th June - We have added a twitter page. Follow our updates here! Tweet, tweet.

4th June 2009 - Make sure you ask our expert panel about your garden design & landscaping questions in our live chat forum 6:30 - 8:30 pm. This will be our last event until September 2009, so don't miss out!

Post your questions now into the forum and the panelists will answer them when they come online.

2nd June 2009 - We have just added our 9,100th plant which is Dahlia 'Fleur' requested by member Peter K. in Enfield, London.

19th May 2009 - We have now added all the main show gardens and thier plants lists for you. Click here to see them!

Chelsea Flower Show 2009

11th May 2009 - We have added a new forum section called 'Identify a plant' to help people who cannot work out what their plants are. Click here to add your images and description and our team will do their best to help you work out what it is!

Identify a plant forum

9th May 2009 - We have started adding profiles and plants lists for all the major show gardens at Chelsea Flower Show 2009. Click here to see them. When the show kicks off we will update these profiles with images of the gardens themselves. Watch this space!

16th April 2009 - We have just added our 9,000th plant. Yeah!! It is Penstemon 'Pensham Czar' added for Shoot member David W. from St Helens, Merseyside.

8th April 2009 - Tonight from 6:30 - 8:30 pm, we are hosting another live forum chat in the Garden Landscaping and Design Forum Event area with gold-award winning experts from the APL and SGD.

30th March 2009 - We have just added our 8,900th plant. It is Wallflower 'Constant Cheer' (Erysimum x allionii 'Constant Cheer') which we added for new Shoot member Ann from Hertford. Read what Ann thinks about Shoot here.

30th March 2009 - Nicola and the panelists from the APL and SGD have been doing a series of radio interviews. Here the latest one on the Green Wellies Show, BBC Northamptonshire, which was recorded yesterday. Scroll to 14:21 on the time bar to hear the 10 minute interview, which expires on iPlayer 5th April.

24th March 2009 - Our first live weekend forum hosted by us with a panel of Gold-award winning landscapers and designers went very well! So well that the panel only just had time to answer each question posted. We had a whopping 49 threads and 130 posts - so an average of 44 per hour. We have decided to hold another one on Wednesday, 8th April from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Mark your calendar! Please post your question now ready for the panel who will answer them on the day.

13th March 2009 - On Saturday 21st March between 9.30am and 12.30pm Shoot will host the UK's first ever online 'garden landscaping and design' forum. Click here to read more about the forum. Click here to join the forum and ask your question of the expert panel.

13th March 2009 - We have just added our 8,800th plant. It is Willow-leaved jessamine (Cestrum parqui) requested by one of our members Eric.

22nd February 2009 - We have just added our 8,700th plant. It is Variegated gentian speedwell requested by a member Jane M. from Beckley, Oxford.

14th February 2009 - Listen to a radio interview on BBC Essex Gardening with Nicola talking about Shoot with Ken Crowther. Scroll through to 02:17:10 on the time bar to hear the 4 minute interview.

6th February 2009 - Get out and visit some lovely gardens near you, see wonderful snowdrops in bloom, and support the NGS charity at the same time. The average entrance charge is around £3, and most gardens admit children 16 and under for free!

4th February 2009 - We have been endorsed by the BBC once again! Our website is linked to from the main BBC Gardening homepage.

2nd February 2009 - Garden designer Merlien Mentaal has posted some new gardens she has designed. Take a look at the plants she used as inspiration and add them your 'My garden' plant list.

Romantic seaside rose-garden

Romantic seaside rose-garden

Beachside rooftop garden

Beachside rooftop garden

Large family garden in town

Large family garden in town

28th January 2009 - We have just added our 8,600th plant. It is Monk's hood (Astrophytum ornatum) requested by web site visitor L. Despy.

27th January 2009 - We now offer links to plants for sale by Bluebell Nursery in our plant finder database.

Bluebell Nursery is an award winning, mail order and retail nursery which specialises in trees, shrubs, climbers and woody herbaceous plants including a large selection of very rare and unusual varieties.

24th January 2009 - We now offer links to Rhododendron for sale from Faces in the Leaves. Look for their 'buy this plant' links in our plant finder database.

As passionate nurserymen, Faces in the Leaves are a collection of the best specialist nurseries and specialist growers in the UK.

18th January 2009 - The producer of the One Show has contacted us at Shoot.

Christine Walkden, the horticultural expert on the BBC series The One Show, is going to be presenting a new series of short (4-5 min) films for the programme, looking at unusual, out of the ordinary or even just plain eccentric gardens.

If you would like them to consider your garden, please drop us a note on our forum and we will pass on your interest.

9th January 2009 We now offer links to plants for sale from Hedges Direct - look for thier 'buy this plant' links in our plants database.

Hedges Direct is completely dedicated to hedges. They are a specialist grower of a huge range of hedging plants, in all sizes from 30cm to 3m.

15th December 2008 - We now offer links to plants for sale from Planfor - look for thier 'buy this plant' links in our plants database.

Planfor have been developing their nursery since 1983. They use seeds and cuttings to produce young plants which are rooted in forestry plugs.

1st December 2008 - you can now upload your own profile into our new members area with your Shoot membership. Upload a photo of yourself, add in details about your biggest gardening challenges, greatest achievements and interests. Visitors will be able to view your gardens, your plant photos, and to read your forum comments and busines reviews. See a sample - click here.

21st November 2008 - We have just added our 8,500th plant! It is Caucasian lily (Lilium monadelphum).

15th November 2008 - We have just added our 8,400th plant which is Peruvian lily 'Princess Theresa' (Alstroemeria x hybrida 'Princess Theresa' ).

31st October 2008 - Award-winning garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin is now using our Plant data 'Lite' offer (launched together with the Horticultural Trades Association) to add detailed planting lists to the most popular garden profiles on his web site.

To read more click here to read a case study.

29th October 2008 - We have just added our 8,300th plant called Japanese maple 'Peaches and Cream' (Acer palmatum 'Peaches and Cream' ) as it forms part of the Burncoose range of plants for sale onlinel.

21st October 2008 - We have added another 200 plants for you. The 8,200th is Blue phlox 'Clouds of Perfume' (Phlox divaricata 'Clouds of Perfume'). We have added it as it forms part of the Thompson & Morgan plant range.

11th October 2008 - We have just added our 8,000th plant! It is Busy lizzie 'Fiesta Sparkler Cherry' added as it forms part of the Thompson and Morgan plant range.

10th October 2008 - A new plant supplier has now added their links from Shoot to the plants they sell. Burncoose Nurseries is a large specialist mail order supplier of garden plants offering a wide choice of ornamental trees, shrubs, herbaceous and conservatory plants. Look for thier links in our plant database.

9th October 2008 - Buy a Shoot subscription at 400 participating WHSmith stores!

28th September 2008 - We have just added our 7,900th plant which is Dog's tooth violet (Erythronium dens-canis 'Purple King') supplied by de Jager.

21st September 2008 - See the 2008 winners of the Shoot Peoples' Gardens Awards! They have won £2,200 worth of national garden vouchers.

19th September 2008 - We have just added plant 7,800 which is Crocus 'Pickwick' sold by bulb specialist de Jager.

17th September 2008 - Shoot has entered into a landmark partnerhsip with the Horticultural Trades Association to make our plant database available for use more widely by garden centres and nurseries. Click here to learn more.

15th September 2008 - Podington Garden Centre has added our plant selector tool to their website. To learn how to add it to yours click here

11th September 2008 - We have added another 200 plants to our database this month. The 7,700th is Scabiosa stellata 'Paper Moon'.

1st September 2008 - Vote for the best gardens on Shoot. Winners will receive £2,200 worth of awards.

30th August 2008 - we have just added another 100 plants. Our 7,500th plant is Pansy 'Four Seasons' F1.

26th August 2008 - the plant count goes up! We have just entered the 7,400th plant to the Shoot plant database. It is Chilean bellflower 'Blue Bird' (Lapageria rosea 'Blue Bird').

18th August 2008 - our 7,300th plant has just been added. It is Tagetes erecta 'Sunspot'.

15th August 2008 - we are adding more plants! Our 7,200th is the Mariposa tulip (Calochortus superbus) added as it forms part of de Jager's range.

12th August 2008 - we have just added our 7,100th plant. It is Pelargonium 'Black Magic' added as it forms part of Suttons' range.

10th August 2008 - we are adding more plants very every day... and have just entered the 7,000th plant! Courgette 'Black Beauty' was added as it is part of Suttons' range.

6th August 2008 - we have just added our 6,900th plant - Cabbage 'Poet' - as it forms part of Suttons range.

31st July 2008 - we have just added our 6,800th plant which is Anemone 'Sweetheart' added as it forms part of Suttons range.

28th July 2008 - we have just added two new suppliers who sell plants to help you find the plant you are looking for:

de Jager started 140 years ago as flower bulb specialists and still maintains its remarkable reputation for producing only the highest quality and top-sized bulbs.

Coblands (Best4Plants) were founded in 1963 growing a wide range of shrubs, herbaceous, grasses, ferns and trees in the 'coblands' of Kent. The Coblands production nursery extends over 120 acres on a number of sites in and around Tonbridge, growing approximately a million plants at any one time.

This is in addition to our current suppliers including Thompson & Morgan, Crocus, Greenfingers, Suttons, Unwins, and Clematis Nursery. Look fo the 'buy this plant' button in the search results to find plants that are for sale by these suppliers.

23rd July 2008 - We have just added our 6,700th plant. It is Anchusa azurea 'Feltham Pride' requested by one of our members, Rachel B. who is based in Bedford.

19th July 2008 - We have made some improvements to the site.

Forum Posts. You can now edit your own Forum posts (which some of you have been asking for) after you have submitted one, and you can ask to 'monitor' Forum posts as they are updated.

Garden Layout Planner Tool. If you use our garden planner tool, you can now not only publish this onto Shoot in our members directory, but you can also now publish your personal plan into any other website. You will be able to see the plan of the garden, scroll over to see the names of the plants planted there, and click on the name of any to read more about the plant.

We hope you like these improvements and try them soon.

17th July 2008 - Hozelock has now added our Plant Select tool to their website! To learn how to add it to yours click here

22nd June 2008 - We have just added our 6,600th plant. It is Campanula 'Blue & White Bells' added as it is part of Unwins' plant range.

10th June 2008 - We have just added our 6,500th plant. It is Clematis 'Lady Caroline Nevill' as it is part of Thompson and Morgan's plant range.

25th May 2008 - We have just added our 6,400th plant. It is Canna × ehemanii added as it is one of the plants in this year's Chelsea Flower Show garden for Llyods TSB garden "Traveller's Retreat" by Trevor Tooth.

13th May 2008 - We have just added our 6,300th plant! It is Drimys winteri. We have added it as garden designer Cleve West may use it as part of his design for this year's Chelsea Flower Show garden for BUPA called "The BUPA Garden".

11th May 2008 - You can now use our 'Plant select' in your own website! To see what this looks like click here. To add this to your own website, simply add a few lines of code into your own website. Click here for the code.

6th May 2008 - We have just uploaded overviews and interactive plant lists for the major show gardens at this year's Chelsea Flower Show. Click here to see them.

1st May 2008 - We have once again licenced the use of our plant database to a well respected garden centre! Frosts Garden Centres at Milton Keynes, Bedford, Huntingdon and Abingdon are one of a group of four garden centre retailers that are using the Shoot plant data as part of their 'Beautiful Gardens' offer to customers. Click here for the Frosts website - the Beautiful Gardens Plant Information Service is located at the bottom of the home page.

25th April 2008 - We have just added our 6,200th plant. It is Russian comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum) requested by Gabi W.

21st April 2008 - We have now improved the look of the members' directory listings and we now show you the garden's 2D layout too. You can hover over the plant icons to see what plants are planted where. Zoom in to see more detail or zoom out for a wider view. Print off a copy if you like the plan.

To see some examples, click any of these member gardens: Georgie's garden, Brondesbury Road garden, The Triangle

We have also added a new link in your account area called 'My photos' which is a central place to view and manage all of your own plant images you have uploaded.

18th April 2008 - We have improved our unique garden planner tool to allow you to plan an irrigation system. You can also work out how much supply hose and dripper hoses you will need to water your garden.

11th April 2008 - We have just added our 6,100th plant. It is the Zinnia elegans 'Hotshot Mix'.

7th April 2008 - We now allow you to source plants using our plant finder! When you search for a plant, look for the 'buy this plant' button.

To see an example of the 'buy this plant' link, click Achillea filipendulina 'Cloth of Gold' (Yarrow 'Cloth of Gold'). We currently have two suppliers for this plant - Crocus and Unwins.

If you sell plants and would like a link to the plants you sell added, please fill in this form.

26th March 2008 - You can now upload your own plant images for each of our 6,000+ plants online. Once you are logged in, find your plant, click the photo tab and follow the instructions online. Take a look at some examples for Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's Scarlet', Magnolia x loebneri 'Leonard Messel', Metasequoia glyptostroboides and Viburnum opulus.

This area will continue to be developed - so watch this space!

15th March 2008 - We have just launched two new initiatives to help encourage a new generation of gardeners. A £5 subscription for schools and a new award 'Shoot Children's Garden Award'. Click here to read more.

14th March 2008 - We have just hit a major milestone - we are pleased to tell you that we have just added our 6,000 th plant! It is Rhododendron 'Hotspur Red' requested by A. Shearer in Aberdeenshire.

1st March 2008 - Want to learn how to group the plants in your 'Plants I have list'? We have added a useful set of tips. Click here to read them.

1st March 2008 - Read some general gardening tips on what you can be doing this month in your garden by Andrew Fisher Tomlin - an award-winning garden designer. For personalised advice, try start off by signing up for a FREE account with Shoot.

29th February 2008 - 'Garden Gifts for Mother's Day'. A gift subscription to Shoot been recommended as an ideal gift for Mother's Day. Read the article here.

22nd February 2008 - We have added a few more designer gardens to our directory - we hope they inspire you!

20th February 2008 - We have just added our 5,900th plant. It is Silphium terebinthinaceum requested by Jonathan C. in Forest Hill, London.

24th January 2008 - We have just added our 5,800th plant. It is Sambucus nigra 'Black Beauty' requested by A. Shearer in Aberdeenshire.

2nd January 2008 - 'Real Gardens: What makes a winning garden?' Once again Georgie's Gold Award garden has been profiled in House & Home Ideas.

15th December 2007 - Georgie's garden and its Gold Award win in the annual Shoot People's Gardens Awards was featured in the December issue of Gardens Illustrated. 'Shoot for Gold.'

12th December 2007 - Wyevale is now selling our gift boxes online. Click here to order one in time for Christmas.

12th December 2007 - We have just added our 5,700 plant. It is Bergenia 'Sunningdale' requested by member H. Bokkerink of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

20th Novemver 2007 - We are delighted to announce that shoot has been nominated for the very prestigious British Garden Writers Guild award for Best Electronic Media!! Past winners include RHS Online (2006, 2004,& 2002), BBC (2003) and Crocus (2001). We are of course very pleased to be in such good company.

19th Novemver 2007 - We have just added our 5,600th plant. It is Aster novae-angliae requested by a member Jacquie Smith.

2nd November 2007 - We are listening to your requests. You can now add images, web links and formatting to your Forum posts.

30th October 2007 - We have just launched a major new upgrade to the website - a garden layout planner tool. This new tool is available to all those with a fully paid subscription. Once your plants are plotted you can also check each month to see which plants need care in that month, and remind yourself where in the garden they are planted.

To find this new tool, login, and click on the NEW - Garden Layout link under each of your garden lists. We hope you enjoy it!

NEW to shoot? If you are new to shoot, and want to plot out your garden using this new tool, all you need to do is register for one of the paid membership levels. You can also try out some of the functionality of this site for free, but the layout planner tool is only for paid members.

13th October 2007 - We have just added our 5,500 plant. It is Sidalcea 'Little Princess' requested by Wyevale Garden Centres as it forms part of their plant range.

30th September 2007 - We have announced our winners. Click here to see who won £1,900 worth of awards.

21st September 2007 - Voting ends today for our Shoot People's Gardens Awards. Click here to see them all and to start voting for the best to win. We will announce winners by the beginning of October.

10th September 2007 - Forums ... NEW to shoot - Discuss gardening with other shoot members. In addition to the main forum area which includes popular topics such as 'green gardening' and 'new to gardening', you can also discuss any particular plant, pest or disease in the shoot database. Post questions, comments or tips and reply to other member's posts. Each post you submit will also be recorded in your own 'My forum posts' area of your shoot account. You need to have a shoot account to take part.

6th September 2007 - We have just added our 5,400th plant. It is Rosa 'Bonita Renaissance', requested by Wyevale as it forms part of their plant range.

29th August 2007 - We have now announced the short-list of potential winners for our Shoot People's Gardens Awards. Click here to see them all and to start voting for the best to win. Voting ends on 21st September and we will announce winners by the beginning of October.

18th August 2007 - We have just added our 5,300th plant. It is Abelia x grandiflora 'Edward Goucher' requested by Chris B of Croydon.

6th August 2007 - We have just added our 5,200th plant. It is Rhododendron 'Barnaby Sunset' requested by Wyevale Garden Centres as it forms part of their plant range.

1st August 2007 - Entry is now closed for our Shoot People's Garden Awards. We will post the short-list of gardens at the end of August for you to start voting for the final award winners.

4th July 2007 - Our subscription-in-box can now be purchased in-store. Click here for a list of participating retailers.

3rd July 2007 - We have launched some site improvements. These include a new layout for plant pages and collapsible and expandable plant groups to help those who have many plants in their 'plants I have' list to manage them more efficiently.

25th June 2007 - We have just added our 5,000th plant! It is Tomato 'F1 Cossack' requested by Stephen P. from Dudley just outside of Birmingham.

20th June 2007 - Nicola, her garden and Shoot are on the cover and featured in an eight page spread in the Summer issue of Ideal Home's Complete Guide to Outdoor Living.

17th June 2007 - We have just added our 4,900 th plant. It is Lavender 'Silver Edge'.

9th June 2007 - We have now added Lawn Care to remind you how and when to care for your lawn. Search for 'lawn' in our plant database, and select the grass type that matches your lawn. Add it to your 'plant I have' list and we will remind you how to care for your lawn.

Remember to add 'Lawn Care' to your list of care instructions. To add it, login and go to 'Preferences'.

3rd June 2007 - We have just added our 4,800 th plant. It is Agapanthus praecox 'Variegata' requested by Barry W. from Epsom.

28th May 2007 - We have added a-z indexes of all the major pests and diseases. Login to read more about how to treat each one.

27th May 2007 - We had a great time at Chelsea Flower Show this year! It was our first year exhibiting. Click here to read about it.

20th May 2007 - We have just added our 4,700 th plant. It is Delphinium 'Cameliard' requested by Wyevale Garden Centres as it forms part of their plant range.

14th May 2007 - We have just added our 4,600 th plant. It is Gooseberry 'Hinnomaki Red'.

13th May 2007 - We have added an article on each of the Chelsea Flower Show gardens with full planting lists (where available). We will continue to update these pages with images and plant lists during the show. Add your favourite plants used in the gardens to your own 'Plants I want' list.

10th May 2007 - The Daily Telegraph has announced our People's Gardens Awards in today's Property section.

'Reap the rewards of a cultivated garden' Click here to read the full article.

9th May 2007 - Retail Week reviews our licence deal with Wyevale. Read the full article.

9th May 2007 - We have just added our 4,500 th plant. It is the Azalea 'George Arends'

2nd May 2007 - Enter our People's Garden Awards - there are £1,900 worth of awards to win!

26th April 2007 - we had a wonderful party to celebrate the launch of shoot. See some pictures of the event.

20th April 2007 - we have had a wonderful review by BBC's Kate Russell for the Click Webscape programme.

"Shoot is a good looking site that aims to help people who are reasonably new to gardening. It is UK-based but has tons of information on improving your gardening skills..." Click here to read the entire article or click here to go to the BBC website to read it in context.

21st April 2007 - Alison Cork reviews shoot in her column 'Bargain Hunter' for Telegraph.co.uk

Don't know your weeds from your shrubs? Mystified by the ill-health of your roses? Whether you're amateur or expert when it comes to your garden, www.shootgardening.co.uk is sure to prove helpful.

6th April 2007 - we have been profiled in today's Bricks & Mortar section of The Times. "How does your garden grow?" by Anne Gatti

To read the article click here.

4th April 2007 - Wyevale Garden Centres have licenced the use of our plant database. Now visitors to their website will be able to review all the plants in our ever growing database from their website.

Each page references us with a 'powered by shoot' credit.

To have a look, go to the Wyevale website, click 'Plant Finder', to find our microsite.

28th March 2007 - we have been profiled in today's Homes & Property magazine. Click here to read the article.

24th March 2007 - we will be exhibiting at Chelsea Flower Show for the first time this year. Come and visit us at stand Eastern Avenue 44.

13th March 2007 - we have published a fresh new home page.

9th March 2007 - We have developed a new look and feel gift box.

Perfect for gift giving, the good quality box (10 cm x 15 cm x 4 cm) contains a voucher card which entitles the bearer to a one-year pre-paid subscription with shoot.

21st January 2007- We have just added our 4,000th plant! It is the Clematis 'Star of India' which was requested by Liz of Knowle Green, near Staines.

8th January 2007- Happy New Year. We now allow you to search for members gardens which are 'for sale'. Go to our members' gardens directory and tick the box 'Only show gardens that are for sale' and you will see good matches. Or simply click here.

8th November 2006- Four pages of today's Homes & Property supplement to the Evening Standard are dedicated to shoot, Nicola and her garden. Click here to read the full articles.

The seeds of success
When Nicola Gammon, who founded Shoot, a plant advisory website,moved to her garden flat in a Queens Park Victorian house three and a half years ago, the 100-foot plot was such an eyesore that she tackled that first, giving it a final flourish of azure blue summerhouse right at the end.

3rd November 2006- Easy Living Magazine has featured the shoot gift box as a great gift giving idea for 'Trowel Twisters' this Christmas.

6th September 2006- 'Life Saver' shoot has been featured in the gardening news section of the Homes & Property supplement to the Evening Standard. Click here to read the full article.

5th September 2006- You now have the additional choice of a one-year only subscription for £19.99. The other choices are a Free basic subscription limited to 1 garden and 8 plants OR an ongoing subscription for £6.99 + £1 per month (best value).

4th September 2006- We now offer a 'subscription-in-a-box' ideal for gift giving to gardeners of all abilities.

The good quality box contains a voucher card which entitles the bearer to a one-year subscription with shoot.

23rd July 2006 - We have just released an upgrade for those businesses that have been sending their clients completed garden accounts in shoot. Many businesses have been asking for the ability to store a 'master plant' list from which to build new client 'plant lists'. We have now launched this functionality, as well as, the ability to 'resend' or 'cancel' a transmission to a client. To become a business member of shoot click here.

9th July 2006- We have started to add common weeds and vegetables to our database. To find these go to our Plant select, and select 'weed' or 'vegetable' from the drop-down list of plant types. If your plant is not there, request that we add it for you. Remember to add 'Weed control' and 'Crop care' to your list of care instruction types. This can be found in your 'My preferences' page.

20th June 2006- Publish a page on your garden in our NEW members' gardens directory. Each garden can be published with an image, garden description and plant list. Login and go to the 'garden profile' area of your account and follow the instructions there. See a 'sample profile' to get an idea of what your profile will look like.

June 18th 2006- we have been featured in an exclusive article for YOU Magazine with The Mail on Sunday. 'Growth Industry' June 18th 2006. 'When would-be gardener Nicola Gammon needed help, she found herself getting lost in the tangleweed of instructions - so she set up her own website to offer advice to people like her'. By Fiona McCarthy

YOU Magazine June 2006 Text Only or

YOU Magazine June 2006 Double Page

19th May 2006- we have added many of the show gardens, with accompanying plant lists, to the new page Chelsea Flower Show 2006. Read more about each of the plants by clicking on any of the green links. If you find a plant you like, add it to your own 'Plants I want' list.

30th March 2006- Read our launch press release or go to 'press' for more links related to our launch.

29th March 2006 - You can now add multiple gardens to your account. This is useful if you have more than one area you want to manage, for example a front or back garden at the same property, a garden at another property, or even more than one 'micro-climate' within the same garden. Most gardens have pockets with different growing conditions (boggy, dry, shaded, sheltered and so on) and therefore will better suit different plants. Now you can record the conditions of each of these micro-climates and our unique plant check will help you select the best plants for them.

Also you can now send a whole garden diary including plant lists to another member or even someone who has not yet registered. This functionality is already being used by professionals to send their clients bespoke garden diaries, plant lists and useful notes. For most other members this will be useful when you are selling your property and the new owner wishes to benefit from your plant lists, groupings and notes. Once you send the garden, they will have a record of what is planted where and get gardening care and 'how to' tips for their new garden each month by email.

24th March - shoot has offically 'launched' the website after a year of live BETA testing.

12th February 2006 - We have added a new retailer directory to help you find the products and plants to keep your gardens looking great.

6th Febuary 2006 - We are listening to your requests. We have made it easier to print nicely formatted pages from shoot. Look for the print page Print page icon at the top right hand side of each page.

We have also now made it easier to add plants to your diary. When you use the search or select functions to find a plant (and when logged into your account) you can add plants to your plant lists directly from the search results, without having to go to the full description page. To add a plant to your garden click the 'Plants I have' icon Add to plants i have or the 'Plants I want' icon Add to plants i want in front of the plant's name.

We have also added a brief description to each plant in the search results to help you choose the right one. If you want to learn more about a plant, click on the plant name for the full description.

You can now add the same plant multiple times to the same garden list. This is useful if you have the plant in more than one place and/or in more than one group.

Watch for our new retailer directory coming soon.

6th January 2006 - Happy New Year. You can now easily spot which professionals have been rated by their customers when you search for them in one of our directories. The average number of 'stars' awarded and the number of reviews given are listed under their company name. If you have worked with any of them, and liked the work provided, please login and post a review. Look for the link 'submit a review' above their name in their listing.

Garden designers can now create and send their clients tailored garden diaries. If you are a designer and want to be able to create and send your clients bespoke garden diaries and email reminders write to us at shoot@shootgardening.co.uk

14th December 2005 - You can now embed shoot's plant search and/or login box into your own website. Click here for instructions.

24th October 2005 - We have added some new directories, including: tree surgeons, horticultural consultants, landscapers, providers of garden maintenance and contract services.

2nd October 2005 - You can now add personal notes to the plants in your 'Plants I have' list. Make a note of when and where you bought the plant, why you bought it, why you planted it with other plants, or detailed comments about where it is planted.

You can also now group plants together into similar groups. You can group any way you like - for example, by location: 'front planter', 'down the steps', 'by the pear tree' OR by type: 'shrubs', trees', 'bulbs'. (to see a sample of the new 'Plants I have' functionality click here)

4th September 2005 - We have now added an a-z index which will make adding plants to your personal 'Plants I have' or 'Plants I want' lists a lot quicker if you know the name. This list is organised by Common English name, but you can organise it by Botanical name if you prefer by logging in and changing your preference.

You can now also read others' and/or add your own reviews of your favorite garden designer. Simply register and login, and then find your chosen designer in our garden designer directory.

Finally, we have been getting some really good feedback from users of the site. Have a look at what others are saying about shoot, or submit a comment yourself at shoot@shootgardening.co.uk