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Press Release: Gardening Advice, Tips & Ideas At The Click Of Your Fingers

Date of release: 29th March 2006


Ground-breaking personalised gardening website helps make your garden grow

Gardeners across the UK can rejoice with the launch of shootgardening.co.uk, the UK's first personalised and proactive gardening website. With invaluable plant information, growing advice and endless green-fingered ideas, from garden design to local and national horticultural events, shootgardening.co.uk helps guide the novice and professional gardener alike through the year's gardening lifecycle from buying the right plants for your garden and keeping record of what you've planted where to follow-up personalised care reminders each month by email.

Shootgardening.co.uk is an invaluable tool for anyone who has a little patch of green heaven - from simple herb pots to acres of meadowland. Born from founder Nicola Gammon's own frustration with not knowing how to care for the plants in her own recently exquisitely landscaped garden oasis, she has created an extremely stylish but user-friendly, accessible and practical web-based gardening tool that will help ensure gardeners are never disappointed again that the beautiful plants they buy at the garden centre fail to thrive in their own gardens.

"A very common mistake people make is not buying the right plants for their garden, soil and conditions. Enormous sums of money are wasted each year on poor planting choices", says Gammon. "I decided to launch shootgardening.co.uk to help gardeners like me with a simple way of tracking the plants in our gardens, and to be reminded of when and how to care for them, instead of wading through heavy, technical reference books."

Shootgardening.co.uk offers personalised care advice reminders to gardeners of all abilities, showing them exactly how to make their garden flourish, whether it is a tiny window box or a large country estate. Subscribers will be given step-by-step guidance on how to choose, cultivate and care for plants, tips on creating the perfect outdoor environment to grow, entertain and relax, as well as improving what is undoubtedly a significant asset for the value of any property.

Shootgardening.co.uk is already being used (and confidently tried & tested) by hundreds of expert gardeners and horticulturalists around the UK who have hundreds of plants to track and reams of their own paper-based notes they want to store in shoot. They also want to benefit from the monthly care reminders.

Andrew Fisher Tomlin, internationally acclaimed garden designer and regular shoot contributor enthuses that "shootgardening.co.uk breaks new ground in terms of gardening advice, and for me is the ultimate online guide to managing and caring for a garden, wherever one lives and whatever garden type. The interactive element means that members can access personalised gardening support 24/7."

Key features of the new site include:

  • Personalised monthly care instructions, covering everything from pruning and feeding to pest and disease control, delivered online or by automatic email reminders
  • A unique online garden inventory, reminding gardeners of what is planted where
  • Ability to add personal planting notes, calendar notes and plant groupings
  • Ability to store multiple gardens, which can also be used for a variety of 'micro-climates' in one garden
  • Sending completed garden inventories to other users, such as new garden property owners
  • A comprehensive and growing database of 3,000+ plants detailing ideal planting conditions, care advice and key features. If the plant is missing, subscribers can request it be added to the database
  • A plant check that ensures members are only planting plants that will thrive in their garden's particular soil and climate conditions
  • A listing of garden professionals and businesses who provide expert advice, in-depth articles, features and photos of the gardens they have designed

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Notes to Editors:

For Nicola Gammon's biography and enthusiastic endorsements from existing (expert and novice gardener) users, log onto shootgardening.co.uk and go to 'press'.

For further information, images, and subscription offers, please contact:

Nicola Gammon
Telephone: (020) 7604 3038/07974 331 104