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Professional help

Sometimes we need professional help.

At shoot, we help you find an expert in your area to suit your budget. If you don't find the sort of help you need please write to us at shoot@shootgardening.co.uk. If you engage a professional listed in shoot, please post a review by logging in, searching for their listing, and then clicking 'Submit a review'.

Garden designers - Garden designers will consider you, your garden, its aspect and soil conditions to recommend a beautiful and suitable garden design and planting plan. They will also help you build and maintain it. Please don't discount a garden designer because you think they are too expensive! We have found that most work to your budget regardless of how small and many will offer a FREE consultation.

We include registered members of the Society of Garden Designers in our directory, indicated by the Society's logo by their name. All have passed the Society's adjudication interview and have a minimum 2 years practical experience. Many will have passed garden design courses.

Landscapers *- Landscapers offer garden construction and planting services, although some will offer design advice too. They are appropriate if you have a clear idea about what you want and simply want help with the hardwork - building fences/pergolas, patios, laying turf, planting etc. Many will also offer regular maintenance services.

Garden maintenance *- These businesses offer regular garden maintenance - grass cutting, pruning, weeding, pond care etc. Although shoot will let you know what needs to be done each month, you might want someone else to do it!

Tree surgeons - Tree surgeons offer advice on tree maintenance requirements, planting, tree pruning, cable bracing, pest and disease control and the felling of trees in difficult positions. Most of the tree surgeons listed are members of the Arboricultural Association, who have been examined for safe working practices and technical competence consistent with British Standard 3998: Recommendations for Tree Work, 1989.

Horticultural consultants - Horticultural consultants often work commercially, but can be helpful if you have particular issues, such as an historic garden restoration, special planning needs, or issues such as contaminated or poor soil. The consultants listed here are members of The Institute of Horticulture - the authoritative organisation representing all those professionally engaged in Horticulture in the UK & Ireland.

Contract services * - Contract service businesses offer specialised one-off help, such as digging, stump removal, or weed control.

*There is no authority or association governing these business groups, so please use common sense, ask for references, and post a review on our site to let others know what you think of the service.