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The Times - How does your garden grow?

April 6th 2007 by Anne Gatti

Easter is the start of outdoor time, so remember that the right trees and shrubs add value to your property.

Can a garden sell a property? Yes, if the purchaser is a keen gardener like Nicola Gammon, who became hugely frustrated that she couldn't search estate agent's listings by garden when she was looking for a flat in North London. She wanted to know size, aspect and style of a garden before deciding to visit the property, but no one could tell her.

The times

Now she's to set up a 'Gardens for Sale' facility on her garden-advice website (www.shootgardening.co.uk) where sellers show photographs of their garden and provide a plant inventory along with all the usual details of the property. The service is still in its infancy - only shoot members can post their properties - but perhaps it will encourage estate agents to follow her lead.