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Jobs for Summer

  • Get the lawn cut! You'll only get stripes if you cut regularly, weed and feed, spike and top dress
  • Plant up annuals in pots, borders, hanging baskets but remember you'll have to feed and water regularly.
  • Young vegetable plants like tomatoes are readily available if you've not grown from seed.
  • You should have started feeding your plants now - use a slow release fertiliser which means you only have to do it the once this summer.
  • Its coming up to hedge cutting time but I'd be weary of being too hard when you can't water the hedge properly. A light trim of box and yew hedges should be enough but my beech hedge seems to survive most weather challenges. Conifer hedges usually survive very dry conditions.
  • Trees are the most vulnerable to drought and you won't spot problems until its too late so give them a few regular buckets of water each week.
  • It's not all work though as the world's greatest garden show, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, takes place at the end of May and the RHS Hampton Court Palace Show is not far away in July so get your tickets booked now.

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By Andrew Fisher Tomlin

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