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- The 'foot' of the plant is at the base of the stem. Foot rot affects herbaceous perennials in which decay starts at the foot or the base and works its way upwards. Although the main impact is on the roots and stem base, the first sign of damage is usually indicated by yellow, wilting leaves that appear smaller than usual. If you pull the plant out of the ground the roots may appear feeble, black or decayed.

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odd leaves

General post from Kay Bowens

Does anyone know the reason my nectarine leaves are bubbly looking. The fruit is large for a 4 year old tree. But the leaves are irregular and appears to have bubbled areas. On the first leaves. The later leaves that appear over the growth in the summer are very regular and look normal. Could it be from the cold weather? Living in central california we have unusual weather in the Spring. In February the weather can be real warm, Enough to make the blossoms appear. (not bragging about our weather) Then around the first week in March it could get in the low 50's right before the leaves come out. Could it be the tree is only getting western sunlight? If you are having the same problem or know what is making the tree this way I would appreciate information. I do not spray my tree I only us Jobs spikes to fertilize it around this time of the year. Is it to early to fertilize? I am opening this up to any one who is able to help. Thanks

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  • Posted: Thu. 21st February 2008 19:38
  • Last reply: Fri. 22nd February 2008 11:31