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Mint rust

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- Mint plants grow pale and twisted, and brown pustules develop under the leaves and on stems, which often die.

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Used magnifying glass

Comment from Krystal

Seems like the brown spots are smaller, flatter, not fuzzy, maybe damage from bugs?

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  • Posted: Sat. 23rd January 2016 18:24

Rust or bugs?

Comment from Krystal

This is my second mint plant, the first turned brown and rapidly shriveled in the summer. It's winter now and this one seemed to be getting in better and better health, I baked its soil before planting, have a net to protect it while still letting it breath, and have found the watering and sunlight it seems to prefer. It shares its place with a parsley plant that I have been pampering just as much. I try to keep the room warm and dry but a lot of moisture gets in here. I started getting some shriveled brown stems in the old growth but snipped them and the new growth looked perfect... until today, I noticed a bunch of spots, they seem more pale yellow than brown, though some are more brown, and the fuzz looks more like bug legs than spores but I don't know, they're tiny. I don't see them move and the only problem I came across was mint rust. I tried to get pictures but my camera isn't very good at small details. Parsley plant has not been infected, at least not yet. If it's rust then I know it'll take a lot to get rid of it and I would like tips on protecting my plant from a repeat, if it's bugs I want to know how harmful they are, can I sic lady bugs on them or is it as severe as the rust? Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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  • Posted: Sat. 23rd January 2016 18:20
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