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Rhododendron petal blight

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- Sometimes appearing suddenly after rain, small pale round spots on petals. These grow larger and the flowers become limp and slimy remaining on the plant with a white coating.

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azalea sir robert leaf browning

Question from ron

Hi,please help. My azalea is planted in ericaceous compost and horticultural pearlite.Recently bought from garden centre with all lush green leaves. Since put on patio, all leaves have gone brown and hard to touch but they aren't falling off. Roots are well formed but were brown when bought. Currently trying to keep dry after was soaked in heavy rain. Any advice much appreciated as trying not to kill the plant! Doesn't appear to be a disease from what I can find online. Many thanks.

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  • Posted: Wed. 3rd July 2013 20:39
  • Last reply: Sun. 7th July 2013 12:18