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Sooty blotch and fly speck of apples

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- Discrete or large green-brown blotches on fruit, which are sooty in appearance. Often together with small shiny circular black dots. Sooty blotch is worst in cold, wet weather and the shaded parts of the trees. The small shiny black dots are fly speck disease. The specks are easily rubbed off.

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sooty deposit on ericaceous plants

Question from Sue Osmaston

I have a black sooty deposit on 2 pieris, and several quite large rhododendrons. At the nursery they said I could just wash it off - this is all very well, but they are quite big plants and it would take me for ever! Is there anything I can spray which will do the trick?

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  • Posted: Thu. 29th April 2010 16:05
  • Last reply: Thu. 29th April 2010 20:04