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Plant of the month August 2022

Anemone japonica (more commonly known as Japanese Anemone) are pretty herbaceous perennials.

Anemone japonica  or Japanese Anemone Plant of the month August 2011

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Anemone japonica prefer full sun or partial shade and do best in moist fertile soil. They are fully hardy and flower between July and September, occasionally will flower until the first frosts in late autumn.

Japanese anemones do make a wonderful display when used with other herbaceous perennials like asters and sedums. A very worthy garden plant that can be grown in clumps for effect and can be used for cut flowers it is a good idea to provide this plant with support so that you can really appreciate the flowers and that it does not fall over its neighbours.

Once established they can take over the border, so remove any plants that appear in adjacent parts of the border. They spread by underground roots. You may wish to keep them as they do look very pretty, it all depends what other plants they are next too.