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Plant of the month June 2022

Roses are delightful garden plants with many shapes and sizes of flower. Bright and pastel shades of colour and scents to fill the air. They come as bushes, climbers, ramblers, patio and ground cover plants. They are a very versatile group of plants which give much pleasure and value to any garden.

Roses plant of the month

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Mulching roses is quite important for a number of reasons. Notwithstanding the fact that 'mulching' is generally a good gardening practice and shows good plant husbandry! The mulch used, can be any form of rotted organic material or even used potting compost. Horse manure if you can hold of it locally, is still considered the best to use.

A well balanced fertilizer applied at the time of pruning is normally a good way of feeding roses.  There are many brand names of rose fertilizer available, but any good well balanced feed will do the job. Later in the growing season, using a fertilizer slightly higher in phosphate will be better as this will provide the right type of nutrient for flower quality. If roses are not fed properly, then tell tale signs of diseases and general disorders will show up in the bush and flowers later on in the season.

All rose bushes (Hybrid Tea and Floribundas) benefit from hard pruning in the spring.  Rose flowers are borne on the tips of new growth and pruning back hard encourages the rose bush to send out plenty of new shoots. Pruning also encourages a better shape, with the flowers not too far from the ground!

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Companion planting for roses:
Roses are often best on their own but can be used in many garden situations alongside other plants such as Lavenders and Snowdrops. Climbing roses are useful as back drop to borders or to cloth walls and trellis.