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Some species cause galls. Also can lead to black sooty mould.

Spot them

Adelgids are small (1-2 mm long) black or brown sap-feeding insects, covered by white wax wool. Closely related to aphids, adelgids are restricted to conifers.

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Verticillium wilt?

Question from Katharine Bartlett

Young green peppers in small polytunnel showing leaves shrivelled up, brown and dying. No sign of green or blackfly. I pulled them up and destroyed them. Looks like it might be Verticillium wilt from a quick web search. Tomatoes and Cucumbers do not seem to be infected. I understand the virus will be in the soil, but don't know what to do apart from looking for a resistant crop - can anyone help? Thanks!

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  • Posted: Tue. 6th August 2013 07:58