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Cabbage caterpillars

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Look for holes of different sizes on the outer leaves of brassicas and on the inner leaves of cabbages. Caterpillars and their excrement can also often be found on the plants. Spot them There are three types of caterpillar to look for. The large cabbage white butterfly and small cabbage white butterfly, and the cabbage moth. All three may be on the plant at the same time, usually mature plants. The white small and cabbage moths are more damaging as they drill into the cabbages, whereas the yellow and black caterpillars of the large white stay mostly on the outer leaves.

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Comment from Judy Halliday

My young broccoli plants are being chewed to death by green caterpillars. I try picking them off twice a day but more appear by the hour. I am wondering whether it is worth growing these vegetables in the future. I dont want to spray them with chemicals. Is there a 'green alternative? Washing up water? Judy

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  • Posted: Sun. 21st August 2011 15:41
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