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Damage on leaves and buds start to appear from late May to September. The leaves near the shoot tips have many small, brown-edged holes, and flower buds may fail to develop or open unevenly. Capsid bugs suck sap, and as they feed they secrete a toxic saliva into the plants which kills cells immediately around the feeding area.

Spot them

The adults are 6mm long and have distinctive wings. When the wings are folded over, the transparent part of the wings shows as a clear diamond area at the rear of the insect.

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Capsid Bug on my Hydrangea Annabelle

Question from Ann Brooks

I am very new to gardening, but think I have identified that I may have capsid bug on my newly planted Hydrangea Annabelle. The edges of the leaves are going black and dry, as are some of the stems and the outer edges of the new flower buds. Could you advise what the best treatment is. I have cut back all the stems and leaves that were badly affected, but the problem, although not a prevalent, still seems to be present

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  • Posted: Sun. 4th July 2010 15:21
  • Last reply: Mon. 16th August 2010 14:04