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Cypress aphid

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A black powdery coating of sooty mould often develops on the stems and foliage. Yellowing shoots in summer; by late summer many of these will be brown and dead. On clipped hedges the dieback can be quite pronounced, with the lower parts often more severely affected than the top.

Spot them

Greyish brown aphids are active from May to November, reaching their peak in early to midsummer. Although the aphids are up to 4mm long, they are difficult to see.

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arizona fastigiata

Question from Diane Johnson

We recently moved our lovely tree and, sadly, I notice that the lower leaves are turning brown and dropping off. The tips of the upper branches are also brown. Its previous position was more shady than it is now. We have watered it and fed it with Ericaceous feed. What have we done wrong and how can we help?

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  • Posted: Sat. 14th May 2011 10:40
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