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Green shield bug

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Green shield bugs suck sap from a wide range of plants but generally cause no noticeable damage to cultivated plants, even when numerous. They lay small clusters of eggs on the undersides of leaves.

Spot them

A broad flattened green insect with a darker area at the rear end. The adult bugs are 10mm long and often seen basking in the sun on a wide variety of plants. The immature nymphs are round, pale green, with some black markings.

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Green Shield bugs can be a problem!

Comment from Meg Allen

I have had an explosion of sheild bugs in my garden in the last couple of years and they nibble all the soft fruit, particularly raspberries. The only solution is to pick them off by hand, but it doesn't really work, they just keep coming!

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  • Posted: Thu. 13th January 2011 15:44
  • Last reply: Fri. 14th January 2011 08:40