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Lily beetle (Scarlet)

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Holes appear in the foliage in spring, increasing through the summer and severe defoliation can occur. As a result of this, bulb growth can become stunted and the plant may not flower the following year.

Spot them

The adults are bright red beetles, 6-8mm long, with black head and legs, and their grubs are reddish brown. The adults are active from late March to autumn. In spring they lay clusters of red-brown eggs which develop into grubs. The grubs are covered with wet, black excrement and often feed in groups.

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Lily Beetle control

Tip from Terence Pearce

I control Lily Beetle in my garden by ; picking off and destroying but I don’t have many beetles but lots of lilies because:
Take 2 decent sized garlic cloves boil in 1 litre of water simmer for 3 minutes and cool. Once cold sieve with fine mesh or I use muslin and decant into a sprayer. Spray lilies once a fortnight from time leaves appear and in growth until they die down. Doesn’t effect the smell and seems to make the beetles disappear?
Terry Pearce

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  • Posted: Mon. 18th March 2019 14:49
  • Last reply: Mon. 18th March 2019 14:51

something attacking Lillie buds

Question from Wayne Boyes

Can anyone tell me what this is thats attacking my lillie buds.
Thank you.

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  • Posted: Fri. 9th August 2013 12:00

lilly beetle

Question from lynda lowe

can i spray the little bug--------s with anything that will keep them away i have been plaged with them this year.

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  • Posted: Sun. 2nd September 2012 11:28
  • Last reply: Tue. 4th September 2012 17:12

lily beetle

Comment from peter oliver

these are extremely destructive little pests i do have a lot of lilies and i have found that carefully checking the undersides of the leaves for the eggs can help if you remove them early then you can limit the damage to your plants

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  • Posted: Thu. 31st March 2011 07:51
  • Last reply: Thu. 31st March 2011 10:42