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Mangold fly (beet leaf miner)

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Leaves with light brown blisters. The leaves turn completely brown and fall off. Growth is stunted. The frass or waste material that is excreted by the larvae, appear as small, black specks inside the leaf.

Spot them

The adult beet leafminer is a grey fly, approximately 7 mm in length, resembling the common housefly. Their bodies are covered with long, stiff, bristle-like hairs and have abdomens that are bent and curve downward.

The eggs are white, elongate and about 1 mm in length. The eggs are laid singly or in rows of 2-10 on the underside of the leaf surface of the host plants.

The puparia are brown, oval structures approximately 5 mm in length. The larvae, which are found inside the leaf surface are yellowish to white in colour. The larvae are headless and legless and tapered from front to back.

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