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Rabbits feed on a very wide range of garden plants and trees. In spring new plantings and soft growth can be eaten down to ground level. Foliage and soft new shoots of woody plants can be grazed up to a height of 50cm (20in) by rabits standing up on their hind legs. Bark may be gnawed away from the base of trunks, especially in winter when snow or frost makes other vegetation unavailable. This can kill the tree if bark is removed all the way around the trunk.

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Plants Rabbits dislike

Comment from Iona Turner

I have found an RHS list of plants rabbits will hopefully not eat. Does anyone have any other good sources of info on this?

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  • Posted: Fri. 11th March 2022 17:56

Plants safe for pet rabbits

Question from Lucy

I have built a rock garden and now need plants to finish it off. We have two key rabbits that can free roam so I need some plants that will be safe if they nibble but that will also survive in the rock garden. It is well drained space and I'd like alpine if possible.
Thanks in advance.

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  • Posted: Sun. 2nd May 2021 17:35