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Red spider mite (box and other)

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Llight mottling and discolouration.

Spot them

Small (1mm long) and quick moving, these pests resemble spiders, and feed by extracting sap from plant tissue.

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is this caused by red spider mite

Photo from michael collins

hi, I have a Mexican orange and I read it can be infested with red spider mite, can someone confirm if this is caused by red spider mite on the pictures I have posted as I have read that red spider mite likes this shrub, if it is am I best digging it up or can it be saved

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  • Posted: Fri. 4th September 2015 14:50

Discoloured leaves on Passion flower

Question from Isabel Wakefield

Can anyone help me identify what is attacking my Passion flower - is this the result of red spider mite?

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  • Posted: Mon. 10th August 2015 18:44