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Adults feed mainly on pollen, but the larvae eat leaves and cause most damage.

Spot them

There are over 400 types of sawfly that attack wild and cultivated plants. They are usually of medium size (up to 10 mm long) with two pairs of wings and dark bodies and legs, and can look like flying ants. The treatment is generally the same for all.

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Berberis and sawfly

Comment from William Robinson

It is my intension to plant a hedge using evergreen Berberis shrubs
unfortunately I already have a Purple Berberis bush that has become
infested with the Saw fly. Is anyone able to advise me: are Evergreen Berberis resistant to this pest; what do I need to do prior to planting the evergreen berberis aand how can I get rid of sawfly organicaly?

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  • Posted: Sat. 12th June 2010 10:42
  • Last reply: Tue. 15th June 2010 21:21