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Young tender shoots and leaves are damaged or eaten, not only at ground level but often high up. Slime trails are sometimes seen near where slugs and snails have been active. Snails and slugs cause similar damage and both climb, often to a considerable height, above ground level.

Spot them

Because of the protection provided by their shells, snails can move more freely over dry terrain than slugs. Unlike slugs, snails remain dormant over winter, often clustering together under empty upturned flower pots, stones or other protected places.

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snails, slugs and hosta's

Question from Jennifer Dance

how to sucessfully get rid of snails and slugs all my beautiful plants are being eaten, I do what I call snail watch at night with a torch, and sometimes pick up as many as 40 slugs I cant do I hate slugs so come on ladies and gents give me some tips please I'm all snailed out.


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  • Posted: Thu. 2nd July 2009 05:34
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