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Squirrels dig up and eat bulbs, particularly crocuses, lillies and tulips. They also eat berries, fruit, nuts, bark, young shoots and buds.

Spot them

Squirrels have grayish-brown fur with buff flecks, a distinctive bushy tail, short ears and legs and strong front claws.

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Are red squirrels as voracious as greys?

Comment from Anne Hopkirk

I live in a red squirrel conservation area and feed our local ones with a handful of hazelnuts each day. We've only been here 3 months and I'd like to plant spring bulbs. Any suggestions on what I should plant?

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  • Posted: Tue. 6th October 2015 07:21

Squirrels in the garden

Question from Rosemary Whyte

We have recently removed red chips from an area of garden and replaced it with new top soil and membrane to reduce weed growth. We planted new plants and put down chipped bark. Every morning since we did this we have found large patches where the chipped bark has been scraped away, the membrane pulled up and in a some places has been chewed. I am blaming grey squirrels of which there are many in this part of the country (Glasgow). So far they have not damaged any of the new plants and the disturbance is cosmetic but I know the type of damage they can do. Can anyone suggest how we deter them from this part of the garden?

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  • Posted: Wed. 18th August 2010 12:03
  • Last reply: Wed. 25th May 2011 22:33